Big price cut!In May, it landed in Changchun

2022-06-06 0 By

Since centralized drug procurement was normalized by the state organization, the burden of Changchun citizens has been reduced by 700 million yuan in two years.Recently, there is good news that the sixth batch of national collectively acquired drugs (insulin special) is expected to be put into use in Changchun in May this year, including orthopedic consumables, drug balloons and dental implants.It is understood that since December 2019 the first national in drug use in changchun to the ground, there are national organization in 5 batch 215 drugs, 1 kind of high value medical consumables (namely) coronary stents, and provincial league in 2 batches of 29 kinds of drugs, 2 kinds of high value medical consumables (artificial crystal and expand coronary balloon) used in changchun,In the past two years, the burden of spring city residents has been reduced by 700 million yuan.In changchun city land used in medicines not only include high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, common diseases and chronic diseases such as medicine, also some people pay close attention to tumor chemotherapy medicine preparations, antibiotics, suction, digestive, contrast, ophthalmic drug related and antiviral drugs, and other fields, and even some high value of lifesaving medicine rare diseases.Not only are medicines widely available, but the price cuts are substantial.In addition to drugs, medical high-value consumables, which have been concerned by the people, have also become a hot topic of price reduction.The average price of coronary stent dropped from 13,000 yuan to 700 yuan, and the average price of artificial hip and artificial knee dropped from 35,000 yuan and 32,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan respectively.The sixth batch of national collection drugs (insulin special) is expected to be used in Changchun in May this year, and orthopedic consumables, drug balloons and dental implants will be collected at the national and provincial levels respectively.Changchun Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau will continue to optimize the policy implementation process, in order to improve the efficiency of the implementation of collective procurement products for the purpose of continuing to adhere to the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood medicine work as the starting point and foothold, truly let the implementation of medical security work, effectiveness.Source: Changchun Evening News