A slightly fat female model of 200 catties, looking thicker than the wall but extremely confident, netizen: Really beautiful

2022-06-06 0 By

In the entertainment circle, want to become a star, you need to level a long good appearance, can only be of all the girls stand out, and then become a star, as the lens more hd, female stars are also beginning to more and more volume, weight or beginning cannot exceed 100 jins, then become no more than 90 jins, now has a large number of female star is more than 70 jins,They’re all skin and bones, just for the camera.In the circle of female stars and so, in the model circle, the volume is more serious, too many female models, in order to lose weight, struggle in life, even at the expense of their own body.In this environment, obesity has become a kind of courage.Has a female model, just be yourself, she 17 height, weight is 200 jins, is real big yards girl, and she ate very healthy at ordinary times, also likes the movement, a tendon, reducing weight is very difficult, and she was totally didn’t mean to lose weight, also to do model, every day in the face of the lens of oneself, also very satisfied.As you can see in the photos, the model is confident enough to pull off a sexy outfit, even if it doesn’t flatter her figure.Looking at such confidence, also encouraged a lot of girls, to face their own figure, a little meat meat is also a kind of beauty.I hope girls can accept the diversity of body shape, not only skin and bones is beautiful, confidence is the most important.