A disciple, a disciple, two people fall apart, how will Hua Shao Xin say, see how he evaluates Li Damao

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Today, I did not intend to write about Li Damao and Yang Yongcai, but I do not know how the situation, brush the video recommended to me a shaoxin about Li Damao content.This is even the video can not go down, must let the master talk about apprentice sun?Li Damao and Yang Yongcai fell out because of the endorsement of Golden Dragon Bait, which was caused by interests. I have not described it in detail. If you want to know the specific content, you can visit my homepage to see my first report before.Of course, I want to say that Li Damao shao Xin evaluation is not related to Li Damao Yang Yongcai is paint falling out, even if the aging position, will not stand at this time.But from his previous interview with Li Damao, we may be able to see some clues to this matter.Li Damao shao Xin most appreciate place is “his business consciousness”, so look at the officials, roughly can see something, the change of these apprentices, the most will do business is Li Damao, the most will do business apprentices because of the uneven distribution of interests by their own apprentices to scold.When things go wrong, there is a demon.In the first few seasons of “Fishing for China”, it was revealed that Li Damao had conflicts with Cui Bingliang and Hua Shaoxin, his disciples and brothers, but the network was not very developed and did not attract too much attention from the fishing tackle circle.And Hua Shaoxin and Cui Bingliang also shut up about this, never said anything.But at that time there was still some gossip, that is, Cui Bingliang too old black, and then out of the solo, built the hook jianhu brand, there are many fans.Does it look familiar? It is similar to Li Damao Yang Yongcai. What is more interesting is that in the video where Li Damao berates Yang Yongcai, Li Damao says: What you do to me, your disciples will do to you in the future.However, Hua Shaoxin was obviously more graceful and magnanimity than Li Damao. Even if his apprentice left hua’s unit, for whatever reason, he did not confront each other with his apprentice through video or other media channels like Li Damao.Supposedly, some time ago, Zhou Jun left the hua, has also been rumored of the boiling profuseness, but the Hua Shao Xin is still in harmony, at least not let outsiders see what the apprentice.Normally, masters and apprentices should belong to one family, and any conflicts should be solved in private. Even in reality, when a family fights for real estate, no one will post videos to complain on the platform, which is very strange operation.At first, I thought it was a conflict of interests, but now I write more, I always feel that someone is playing chess behind the scenes.Did the apprentice call the master?Yang Yongcai said.Li Damao sent a wechat message but did not reply.And then you spray it on the platform.Normal people should contact the teacher’s mother, oh now I know who Zhang Aunt is, Yang Yongcai’s teacher’s mother, since there is a conflict with the teacher’s mother, then what about the other teacher brothers?If you can’t see Li Damao, no one else can.And Li Damao was Made fun of by Yang Yongcai, is not a private telephone contact, but went to all the platforms to make jokes.It’s no longer a matter of brain circuitry, but a bit of artificial hype in order to earn traffic.Suggest that now shao Xin also come out a wave of angry, hua shi flow more than the day.This is also no wonder fishing black brother dare to broadcast that is not the script head plug toilet, under careful thinking, this matter not only against human ethics, ethics, but also against common sense.Wait until one day this matter if script solid hammer, that tie this change shao Xin all good, teach come out this two apprentice a pulse, really fierce, will play.Right, Yi.(Thanks to Xiao Yi for coming out again).I am a fisherman on boulder, take you to see the fun fishing circle, discuss fishing skills, all the observers add attention to their spare time, thank you, also count for my post support