The weather is getting better but it’s still cold. Keep warm

2022-06-05 0 By

China Weather network guangxi station news is expected today (February 3) evening to tomorrow, as the south trough moved east, our area after the upper trough, by the weak north risk control system, the weather turns better, the whole area to cloudy to sunny weather.With the decrease of cloud cover in the sky, the body will still feel very cold under the influence of radiation cooling. People should continue to take precautions to keep warm and pay attention to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.In addition, the alpine mountains and parts of northern Guangxi have frost or freezing, please also take more precautions.Guangxi meteorological station 3 12 o ‘clock issued a forecast: strong wind report and ocean weather forecast beibu Gulf sea: tonight to tomorrow, cloudy, north wind 6 ~ 7 level, gusts 8;5th, cloudy, north wind 5 ~ 6, gusts 7;6th, cloudy to cloudy, easterly force 5 ~ 6, gusts force 7;From Hepu to dongxing coastal typhoon warning stations, the strong wind signal no. 1 typhoon signal is not changed.Yellow alert for freezing this evening and tomorrow, it will be cloudy to clear in the whole region, with frost or freezing in some areas in the alpine mountains and north Guangxi.The lowest temperature in the alpine area: minus 7 ~ minus 2℃, -1 ~ 4℃ in north Guangxi, 5 ~ 9℃ in south Guangxi.May 5, the whole region cloudy to overcast, scattered light rain, alpine mountains and parts of northern Guangxi with freezing or frost.The lowest temperature in the alpine area: minus 6 ~ minus 1℃, 0 ~ 5℃ in north Guangxi, 6 ~ 10℃ in south Guangxi.6, the west of Guangxi, north of most of the moderate rain, local heavy rain and accompanied by short-time thunderstorm gale and other strong convection weather, alpine mountainous areas and north of Guangxi have frozen and sleet, other areas of our region cloudy with light rain, partial moderate rain.The lowest temperature around: -4 ~ 1℃ in the alpine mountains, 2 ~ 6℃ in north Guangxi, 7 ~ 11℃ in south Guangxi.(Editing by Tang Xiaosan)