The genetic sequencing of the newly infected virus in Dalian was different from that in China

2022-06-05 0 By

Dalian COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters announced on April 3 that a new COVID-19 patient (a shop assistant who runs an imported Clothing store from South Korea) in Dalian Jinpu New District was confirmed to be positive on April 1.On April 2, nucleic acid screening was carried out on 64,000 people in the restricted area and key groups in Maqiaozi Street, and the results were all negative.According to the comparison between the NATIONAL CDC and the domestic case database and the imported case database, the gene sequence of the case was different from that of the existing epidemic in China.At present, many places in China have reported positive nucleic acid tests of imported goods, posing a risk of “person-to-person” infection.The general public are reminded to take good measures to prevent infection and spread of the epidemic by taking apart products purchased by mail from high-risk areas abroad, bearing in mind “look at the region, wear a mask, have no contact, disinfect and wash hands frequently”.Source: Dalian release, news dalian, Liaoshen Evening News