Liu Run: A guide to efficient telecommuting

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(This article was originally published by Liu Run, subscribe to Liu Run for insight into the nature of business with me.)This has always been a problem for companies and individual employees.As telecommuting becomes a trend, the office gradually breaks away from the shackles of time and space. To some extent, it is more flexible, but at the same time, due to the lack of real-time communication, efficiency can not be guaranteed.In fact, many companies, especially large multinational companies, have a mature policy of working from Home. This policy is called Work from Home.In some special cases, employees can apply to work from home for a day, or even for a period of time.Multinational offices are often far apart, so the ability to work remotely across geographies is an essential skill.However, many companies in China actually lack remote working experience. Today I would like to share with you how to efficiently complete remote working from home.The biggest challenge of working from home is that management and communication efficiency can be greatly reduced when working remotely.Now, let’s disassemble this problem for you, first say why management and communication efficiency is declining, and then talk about how to do.What is the decline of management efficiency?Management efficiency decreases because you can’t see some employees, you can’t arrange work and adjust the pace very quickly, and employees can’t ask you for instructions on what they are doing and what problems they encounter, so they will encounter challenges in collaboration.What specific problems will be encountered in communication?When you’re in a group, you can look up and talk to a bystander when you have a problem, yell when you need help, and quickly call a meeting, all of which you can’t do remotely.Especially when everyone is at home, if there is an employee who is not working, you actually do not know whether he is anxious and not working because he is reading the news of the epidemic, you also do not know.All of these will lead to a decline in communication efficiency.How to do?From the perspective of the company and the employees, I would like to give you some suggestions. The first suggestion is to strengthen regular communication.Communication is especially important when working remotely, so make sure you communicate regularly.How to strengthen regular communication?It is suggested that we should start to implement two systems: the first system is the morning meeting system;The second system is late reporting.These two systems are basic guarantees for the efficiency of telework.What do you mean?Even if you don’t clock in, people can see who shows up on time and who leaves on time.But working from home, it’s hard to know if an employee is showing up on time.Why is it important to get to work on time?That’s because everyone works at the same time, so there’s a basis for collaboration.Even when you work remotely, it’s just a change of location, not a change of hours.What that means is that your home is still working from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and you can’t change that because you need to work together.How do we make sure everyone’s at work at 9:00?So the first point is to establish the morning meeting system.For example, at 9:00 a.m., each department will hold a voice meeting in the wechat group to communicate what we are going to do today and what each person is going to do separately.Everyone in the meeting will talk briefly for a minute and say I’m going to do one, two, three things today…Just a quick rundown, but the most important thing is to remind each other so we can get to work.The morning meeting system is very important.What do you mean by late report?Since the morning meeting has been proposed, we are going to do this today, which in fact provides a very important basis for management.In the evening, everyone needs to send his/her report through the enterprise wechat, feibook or Dingding, telling us what I have done today, how I have achieved each thing, and what result I have achieved today.So early meeting and late reporting, these two systems are a very important basic management techniques for telecommuting.The second tip is to break down goals into tasks.What this means is that companies need to learn how to break down the goals that are supposed to be accomplished in a day or over a period of time into tasks that need to be accomplished in a day.It can be a week, a month, or even longer because of many things.To avoid losing goals when working remotely, we need to break goals into tasks, break objectives into tasks.To achieve your goals, you need to perform your daily tasks.For example, a company has to deliver a very large code to a customer, which may involve more than 300 functions.As a project manager, you need to refocus that goal on what to do this week and what to do today.For example, today’s tasks, first, I have to make a phone call to the client, talk about the project plan, and finish the design at home during the pandemic.Second, I will have a meeting with my team to determine the direction of our three major proposals after the holiday, and my team will deliver the basic design framework of these three directions.You see, breaking down goals into daily tasks is also a training of management skills.Third, companies need to prepare online collaboration tools for everyone.Our communication tools today are already very good, such as wechat, enterprise wechat, Feishu and Dingding, a series of instant communication tools.However, when people work, they often need to work together based on the same file, the same batch of files, and instant communication tools cannot transfer large files.So let me introduce you to a couple of tools.Document class, you can use software like graphite, Office365, they can support multiple people to make changes on the same document at the same time.Sometimes when writing a project plan or a report, the boss, the assistant, the project manager, the planning staff, all of them may stand in front of the computer all the time and say, this person says this change, that person says that change, and work together to correct the document.At this time through graphite or Office365, we can modify the same article together online, this time to achieve a collaborative purpose.Transmission class, I recommend you can use network disk.For example, we upload the results of each day’s work to Baidu network disk, at the end of each day, everyone can see the results delivered by each other, and then the next day based on the results to do the next day’s work.Baidu network disk, enterprise wechat, flying books or nail inside have similar functions.Another tool is communication and collaboration, which is a tool for people to complete a project management task. Typical is a tool like Teambition, which I introduced in 5 Minutes Business School.For example, in the second tip above, we break down goals into tasks.This allows us to create a ‘task’ on our software and set 3W (who does what by when), which is the content of the task, who does it and the deadline.This can greatly improve team collaboration.And there was a meeting before. How would it be held?You can still use wechat, of course, but for video teleconferencing, there are many companies today that provide some telephone tools based on Internet video, such as Tencent conference, you can search on the Internet.These three tips are from a corporate perspective, but I’ll share some more from a personal perspective.– 2 — I’m actually a frequent traveler myself, so telecommuting is the norm for me, and my employees, as opposed to me, telecommute.It’s easy to lose productivity when you work from home.Why is that?Because at first you feel so comfortable and free.But after a while, you’ll feel sick and your productivity will drop.It’s also about being free.How can I be more productive at home?Let me share a few experiences with you.Number one, get up on time and get dressed.I work a lot from my hotel room and occasionally from home.One of the most important things I do for myself is to get up early and get dressed.Don’t feel comfortable in your pajamas. Eat breakfast in your pajamas and then get down to work at the dinner table.It’s especially easy to get distracted because you can’t get in the zone.You have to get up on time and put on formal clothes as if you were going to work. It’s a sense of ritual.This sense of ritual will pull you into a working state and greatly increase your collaborative effectiveness.Second, you must not work in the rest area.On the other hand, instead of resting in your office space, separate the two at home.If you have a study at home, use it as your workspace.When you get up in the morning, dress up, walk into your study formally with your backpack, and close the door, you go to your office and start working.This process is very important. Get everything ready for work here. Mind you, don’t sleep here.Third, make a clear distinction between work and rest time.Working from home is a test of the company’s ability to break down goals into tasks, and a test of the employee’s ability to separate work from rest.What does that mean?It’s very easy to be working at work and suddenly want to lie down for a while, just lie down on the couch for a while.I lay down and thought, well, I’ll turn on the TV and watch it for a while, take a break…Looks like a long time.The inability to stay focused is one of the biggest challenges of working from home, but it’s also very empowering.How do you make a clear distinction between work and rest?I suggest using the Tomato clock, which is to work in 25-minute chunks. During those 25 minutes, put your phone on silent and touch nothing. Tell yourself that during that time, until the tomato clock tells you, you can do nothing but work.After 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break to get a glass of water, go to the bathroom, read another book, whatever, and move on to the next 25-minute break.At noon, of course, you can cook something at home, that’s the advantage of being at home.But you also need to set yourself up to do it between 12 and 1. That’s your break time.After eating, it’s also important to go out for a walk to get some fresh air and stretch your muscles.Come back to work at 1 PM and leave at 6 PM.At the end of the day, you can leave the study, or if your computer is at the kitchen table, take it off the table and get off the clock.You tell yourself, I’m off work, and it’s only at this time that I change from my formal clothes to my home clothes.Make a clear distinction between work and rest time so that working remotely allows you to be both productive and balanced.If everyone in the company can do well in this matter, in fact, the management level of the company and personal self-management level is a great improvement.Finally, the above are my six suggestions from the perspective of enterprises and employees.I hope it helps when you’re working from home.