Can children follow in their fathers’ footsteps?

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I have three children, the eldest daughter has been married and have children, do you like work, but more than 30 years, has been selected by work low pay, long hours, in a planned way to transfer to other industries, but it was hard work, no experience, no contacts, but also to learn professional knowledge, a person with experience zone, a word “difficult”.The other daughter is a graduate student, majoring in civil engineering, which is considered by many people to be the worst major to choose. There are many reasons, which can be summarized as “poor working environment and conditions, often in other places, low income”.My son is in his third year of undergraduate study, majoring in safety Engineering. He does not like this major and plans to take the postgraduate examination of mechanical Design, manufacturing and automation. His reason is simple: he wants to make some innovative inventions, designs or products.Mechanical major is also not optimistic, the reason is low pay.And I myself, is a real engineering male, graduated from technical secondary school in 81 assigned to a central enterprise mechanization construction department as a technician, assistant engineer, engineer.Among them, I have worked as quality officer, measuring officer, budget officer, and heavy machinery team leader.At the end of 1989, I was seconded to a joint venture company of a foreign enterprise in West Africa as the director of construction equipment and mechanical installation engineering.After returning to China in 1996, he went to work in the former unit and worked in the mechanized construction department for more than two years.In 1998, I worked in Changsha Sanhe Machinery Co., Ltd. as the director of after-sales service department and workshop production scheduling.In 1999, he worked as a mainframe designer in Changsha Tianhe Construction Machinery Co., LTD.In 2000, I worked in hainan branch of my former company for one year.Worked as engineering manager in a company of MCC in Beijing in 2001.In 2002, I served as deputy project manager, engineering manager and sales Manager, engineering vice president and executive vice president in a real estate company of MCC in Beijing.In 2005, he returned to Changsha as the general assistant of hunan engineering Equipment Co., LTD., and the manager of the basic branch of the X Company in Hunan Province.In 2008, he served as general manager of Hunan Jinjia Machinery Co., LTD.In 2009, he served as general manager of Hunan Jinjia Tekesda Co., LTD., later renamed hunan Jinche Machinery Co., LTD., which is still in operation.2010 Changsha County project manager of municipal Branch of an engineering Company limited in Hunan Province.2013 Zhanjiang Steel Collapse Plant project manager.2015 Steel structure subcontracting project manager of a project of BaiC Zhuzhou.Person in charge of Yangtianhu Road Water Supply Project of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau in 2016.2017 Yuetang Trade City HVAC project managerIn 2018, responsible person of a sewage treatment project in Dangyang, Hubei.Xi ‘an Lintong Agricultural Pollution Project leader in 2019.In 2020, a project leader in Baise, Guangxi.2021 Project leader in Tianyang, Guangxi.From the above experience, I have been engaged in construction machinery management, construction machinery manufacturing and construction engineering construction since I came out of school.So I have quite rich in these aspects, and the accumulation of experience and technology accumulation, after learning to use new technology at the same time, I have been in it, on the basic theory of the research should have certain depth, knowledge is very wide, senior engineer level self-assessment should have peers.My strengths are: construction of new technology, new equipment development and application.I really want to pass on this knowledge, experience and technology to the next generation, but none of them want to learn, it’s very frustrating!Can take the place of working machinery, mechanical to improve labor productivity, is the direction of the current development, it provides broad space for development for our robots and generate income opportunities, also accord with national mechanical and electrical products quality, and the development of policy, and the quick money, make a lot of money, the tide of making easy money, let children despise these traditional industries, it is difficult to change from individual Angle,Can there be a good idea at the national policy level?