With figures to take stock of the founding ceremony, more set off its grand degree, and far-reaching

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Today is China’s traditional festival: New Year’s Eve, in this occasion, we miss October 1, 1949 held in the capital Beijing grand ceremony.Here’s a look at the famous “founding ceremony” with numbers that will highlight the extent of her ceremony and its significance.oneFounding ceremony in 1, 2, 31949 October 1, to celebrate the founding ceremony of the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China held in the capital Beijing, known as the “founding ceremony”.In the magnificent melody of “March of the Volunteers”, MAO Zedong pushed the button, the first bright five-star red flag of new China rose slowly.Later, October 1, 1949 was determined as the day the People’s Republic of China was founded, and October 1 each year as the National Day of the People’s Republic of China.When the founding ceremony is about to begin, MAO Zedong and Zhu De, chairman of the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China who just took office, were the first two great men to board the Tian ‘anmen Rostrum.At 3 PM, Secretary General of the Central People’s Government Committee Lin Boqu announced the start of the ceremony.The Chairman, vice-chairmen and members of the Central People’s Government are in place.Amid the cheers of the crowd, Chairman MAO Zedong solemnly declared to the world in his sonorous voice, with a Hunan accent: “The Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China is established today!”All of a sudden, the square thundered with joy and excitement.Since color films could not be made in China at that time, the rights to film the founding Ceremony were given to Soviet photographers.That was when Comrade Liu Shaoqi visited Moscow, Stalin took the initiative to put forward enthusiastically.This time they shot the founding ceremony of new China, got the host to provide a variety of convenient filming conditions.Even MAO Zedong, Zhu De and other top central leaders, let them shoot at will, but also with their instructions for some cooperation.On the ground, a small jeep assists them.A special platform was built for them on the east side of Tiananmen square with the widest view.However, the first shooting was regrettably “aborted”, for the following reasons: The documentary cinematographers sent by Stalin were very energetic. They ran up and down, and on the day of the founding of the Country, they kept the cameras on from the beginning to the end, with the machine ticking continuously and evenly.From MAO zedong’s speech, the raising of the National flag, military parade and parade, they took pictures of colorful fireworks twinkling in the night sky.Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the room where the precious films were stored!Dozens of copies of film almost all burned to smoke.Several copies of the film were in tatters and could not be used again.The Soviet cinematographer who caused the disaster was severely punished by Stalin and sent to Siberia to serve his sentence.Then, Stalin sent a famous director Gerasimov to remake the film. Zhou Enlai accepted the lesson from the last time and this time let Chinese filmmakers co-shoot with Soviet people. General Huang Zhen, who knew art, was sent by the General Administration as an adviser.At that time to participate in the founding ceremony of the Beijing military and civilian a total of 300,000 people, they gathered in Tian ‘anmen Square, when the bright five-star red flag first rose in Tian ‘anmen Square, square 300,000 people took off their hats and stood, looked up to pay respects to the five-star red flag.twoThe meaning of other data in the founding ceremony in the founding ceremony, the square by 54 gun salute 28 rings, salute as the thunder of spring, reverberating in tianyu, shaking everyone’s heart, the founding ceremony on the great, solemn, unity of the atmosphere further to a climax.So what do the numbers 54 and 28 mean?Originally, 54 cannons on behalf of the 54 units and aspects of the new CPPCC, 28 salute said the Communist Party of China since its founding in 1921, leading the people, experienced 28 years of struggle, to make the country independent, the people stand up to be the master of the country, ushered in the afternoon of October 1, 1949 founding ceremony.Commander-in-chief Zhu De read “The People’s Liberation Army headquarters order” need to add that: in fact, the founding ceremony salute team is composed of 108 mountain cannons, they are divided into two groups, one assembly to fill, a group of firing, take turns to work, in order to shorten the interval time between each ring.Therefore, it is still customary to call the 54 salute.On the parade of the founding ceremony, the PLA Air Force had a total of 17 aircraft of 5 types, flying over Tian ‘anmen square in formation to be reviewed.Of the 17 aircraft, nine are P-51 fighters, two are Mosquito fighters, three are C-46 transport aircraft, one is L-5 communications liaison aircraft and the last two are PT-19 primary trainers.Because the various types of flight speed is very different.For example, the speed of the two fighter jets is 600 kilometers per hour, while the speed of l-5 communicator and PT-19 primary trainer is less than 200 kilometers per hour.But the order to pass through Tiananmen square had to be orderly and precise, which did add to the difficulty of flying.However, I participated in the review of the air force commanders and fighters, after repeated groping and accurate calculation, decided to take off the order of the flying team in accordance with the first small, then large, first slow and then fast, at the same time also specially selected three different routes to enter the point: fighter jet speed is the fastest, from tongxian into;The transport plane is medium speed and enters between Jianguomen and Tongxian.The rest of the aircraft entered from the east side of Jianguomen.Although it is very difficult, but after many times of their practice, the final guarantee of the founding ceremony of the foolproof.Premier Zhou’s smiling face fully demonstrated that the participating officers and soldiers were not afraid of hard work, seriously and successfully completed their training tasks, and delivered an excellent result for the new China.Worthy of people’s admiration.3.With data to highlight the far-reaching significance of the “founding ceremony”, marking the founding of the People’s Republic of China, her far-reaching significance can be “3 thorough”, “2 realize” and “3 from now on” to summarize: “3 thorough” is: completely ended the history of the old China semi-colonial and semi-feudal society;Put an end to the fragmented situation in old China.The unequal treaties imposed on China by the foreign powers and all imperialist privileges in China were completely abolished.The “two realizations” of the mass performance at the founding ceremony are: the great leap of China from thousands of years of feudal autocratic politics to people’s democracy, and the highly unified China and the unprecedented unity of all ethnic groups.”Three from now on” is: The Chinese people have stood up from then on!Since then, the Chinese people have firmly held their destiny in their own hands and become masters of the country, society and their own destiny.This ushered in a new era of development and progress of the Chinese nation.In addition, the founding of the People’s Republic of China was a great victory of global significance.It broke through the eastern front of imperialism, greatly changed the political pattern of the world, strengthened the forces of peace, democracy and socialism in the world, and had a far-reaching influence on the course of world history.In short, to count the “founding ceremony” with figures, really set off her grand degree, as well as far-reaching significance.So as to keep the famous event fresh in our mind.On the founding ceremony read troops by 28 phalanxes composed of this article by the “old Wu Kan Guoxue today with” original, welcome to pay attention to, common learning, common progress!