Shaanxi is the most spicy province in China, ranking ninth among the top ten

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Our country is a very particular about food, from ancient times to the present, eating is very research.In China, there are also a lot of snacks that have become classics. However, due to the different eating habits of different places, there are also large deviations in taste. Many places eat spicy food, while many places resist it very much.What are the top 10 spiciest provinces in China?Let’s take a look today.Hunan cuisine is also known as Hunan cuisine. I believe we all know that the most prominent feature of Hunan cuisine is spicy. Yes, Hunan is a city where people can eat spicy food.Chongqing’s cuisine is inseparable from chili peppers. The hot pot in Chongqing is also famous for its spicy flavor, which attracts tourists from many regions. The representative cuisine includes Chongqing hot pot, MAO Xuemang, bullfrog with pickled pepper, etc., all of which are very worth tasting.Sichuan cuisine is also one of the eight major cuisines in China. It has a very important position in China. Many areas have Sichuan cuisine restaurants, where you can put chili in any dish.Guizhou cuisine is also very flavorful. Generally, many families in Guizhou will use dried chili powder to make flavor dishes to dip in, and there are special pickled chili sauce, etc., which are worth tasting, such as sour fish in soup and spicy chicken, with rich taste.Jiangxi cuisine is also very many, rich food culture, Spicy Jiangxi is also very distinctive, moderate taste, not special stimulation, or more to meet the taste of the public, worth tasting the dish is pickled pepper chicken feet.Lotus blood duck and so on.There is no specific cuisine in Hubei cuisine, all kinds of flavors are eaten, and they are very particular about spicy food, among which Wuhan is one of the five cities in China that can eat spicy food most, worth tasting braised prawns, Zhou Black duck and so on.Speaking of Yunnan, you must know yunnan Cross bridge rice noodles, which are very popular with many diners.Yunnan cuisine is Yunnan cuisine, the main dishes worth tasting are Zhanyi spicy chicken, Sanqi steam pot chicken, spicy fried wild mushrooms, money cloud leg and so on.Guangxi’s spicy food is also worth mentioning, especially in Guilin, Liuzhou and other regions, among which Guilin is one of the top ten cities for spicy food in China. In addition, guangxi’s cuisine is influenced by Cantonese cuisine, so it is relatively diversified, and the delicacies worth tasting are snail noodles and so on.Shaanxi is no less spicy, in Shaanxi as long as you can think of the way to eat spicy, basically there are, I believe that many people have eaten Shaanxi food, taste is very rich, there are a lot of spicy snacks are also popular.Although most of the provinces that can eat spicy food are located in the south, there are many people who can eat spicy food in the three provinces of the northeast, who also eat garlic, scallions and peppers. However, compared with other provinces, spicy food is still slightly inferior.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.