Seize the spring long period, parents do more than 4 delicacies, nutritious and delicious, children love

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Seize the spring is a long period, parents do 4 dishes, more nutritious and delicious, children love to eat a late spring weather becomes warmer, tall for a child is also the end of the long body “sprint”, calcium is very important for a child, then to share 4 way for children to eat nutrition food, is simple, delicious nutrition and calcium supplements, children love to eat grow taller.Ingredients required for laver shrimp soup: egg, shrimp, laver, pepper, ginger, scallion, cooking wine, corn starch, sesame oil, white pepper.Specific steps: 1, the first shrimp shell, pick out the shrimp line, chopped spring onion, ginger shred reserve;2. Chop the processed shrimp into shrimp mud, put it into a bowl, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine, egg white, pepper powder, corn starch, stir well and pickle for a while;3. Heat oil in a wok, fry an egg and remove it and cut it into strips. Add water, chopped green onion, shredded ginger and laver into the wok and boil over low heat.4. Scoop out the shrimp puree with a spoon and put it into the pot. Cook until the shrimp float on the water.5. Add white pepper powder and stir evenly. Turn off the heat, sprinkle a small amount of scallion and sesame oil on the surface, and a simple and nutritious seaweed shrimp soup with calcium is ready.Specific steps: 1. After cleaning the yam, peel it and cut it into sections, place it in a plate and steam it in a steamer.2. After steaming, press it into yam mud with a spoon;Cut the dragon flesh into chunks, beat into mud into a basin;3, eggs into the basin, add appropriate camel milk powder and flour stir evenly, prepare an electric baking pan preheat;4, after the temperature up, brush a thin layer of oil, put a spoonful of batter into the pot evenly, brush a layer of yam mud after shaping, start rolling from the bottom, completely rolled, out of the pot and cut into small sections can eat ~ this added (Chang Bu you llama) milk fragrant fragrant medicine roll, eat soft and delicious.Camel’s milk is pleasant and fragrant, mixed with soft and glutinous yams, which tastes like ice cream when frozen. It is not only easy to make, but also rich in nutrition. Camel’s milk is added with 100% calcium and folic acid, which can be made for children in late spring and early summer.Three, pearl egg tart ingredients: pearl, egg tart skin, black sugar, camel milk, eggs, sugar.Specific steps: 1. Boil water in a pot, add an appropriate amount of pearls to boil the water, then suffocate for 20 minutes, and remove the cold water;2, the pot into the right amount of water, put in the right amount of black sugar, boil the pearl into, cook until there is sticky;3. Pour the brewed camel milk into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of white sugar, stir well and sift it again;4, the egg tart skin evenly placed in the baking pan, sieved egg tart liquid into the egg tart skin, 8 points can be filled;5. After preheating the oven, adjust the upper and lower temperatures to 200 degrees respectively and bake for 20 minutes;6, when the time is up, the cooked pearl on the egg tart for ornament can eat ~ in addition to making delicious food, (chang Nurturing camel) can also brew drinking, without allergenics, lactose intolerant children can also feel at ease to drink.Light camel milk fragrance, rich and thick, soft cotton extension, rich nutrition, vitamin C and calcium content is more easily absorbed by children, loved by children.Ingredients: egg, pork tenderloin, salt, scallion, sesame oil, oyster sauce, light soy sauce.Specific steps: 1, the first 2 eggs into the bowl, put in the right amount of salt for stirring, sifting again, plastic film seal the mouth of the bowl, with a toothpick on the top of a few holes, into the pot steamed;2. Heat the oil in the wok, add the chopped pork tenderloin and stir-fry it quickly until the color changes. Add the appropriate amount of oyster sauce and light soy sauce, stir-fry evenly and take it out of the wok;3, then steamed eggs also arrived, put the eggs cooked meat surface, then sprinkle with some chopped green onion for ornament, smooth, delicious meat steamed egg is ready, isn’t it simple, and nutrition. The above is today to share four delicious and filling calcium food nutrition, during the late spring, a lot of power “sprint” period, the growth of childrenTry making it for the baby of the family