Yan Zhao good netizen | Tian Jianwei: Let “net worm” students become national champions

2022-06-03 0 By

Build network civilization, share civilized network, strive to be a good netizen in Yanzhao, build a beautiful spiritual home on the Internet.In order to further strengthen the construction of network civilization, Hebei province is comprehensively carrying out the theme activity of “Building a Better Spiritual Home on the Internet”, taking the action of striving to be a good Netizen in Yanzhao as one of the key measures to drive the majority of netizens to practice network civilization with good netizen and good story.From now on, “netletter Hebei” will publish 100 good netizen stories emerging in the 2021 Yanzhao Good Netizen 100 Stories collection and exhibition, to tell good netizen stories and gather upward forces for good.Today, we bring you the story of tian Jianwei, a good Internet user on campus, and see how he transformed an “Internet addict” student into a national champion.Tian Jianwei, a teacher at a special education School in Fenggrun District, Tangshan city, caught the eye of a student who was often addicted to online games.In a chase and play with his classmates, Tian Jianwei found that he showed amazing explosive power and could run at the best speed in a short time. Through conversation, he learned that he liked sprinting and football very much.Tian jianwei thinks he is an excellent special Olympics player and can get rid of his bad habit of being obsessed with the Internet through special Olympics training.Soon, in the field of the teacher’s good at giving full play to guidance, he joined the school’s special Olympic training group.When he completed various interesting and challenging exercises, Tian jianwei was generous with praise and of course made stricter demands.In this way, he spent less and less time playing games, and more and more time searching the Internet for learning and training. Finally, he won three gold MEDALS in the ice and snow Games organized by the China Wisdom Association.Tian’s every move contributed to the transformation of this little “networm” into a three-time champion.Contributions | Network Social Work Department