New shares + high-end equipment + specialist special new, bottom strong trading limit!Start a rally?

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The main business of Deshi (301158) is the research and development, production, sales and leasing of special oil drilling tools and equipment, as well as the engineering and technical services of directional drilling and horizontal drilling.The sales scale of drilling tools of the company ranks top three in the domestic drilling tools market.The concept of the unit is strong: new shares + high-end equipment + specialist special new De Stone shares (301158) the unit in the near future speculation logic what?1. The stock began to be listed on January 17, 2022. The listing time was not long, and it belongs to the secondary new stock sector.2. Under the influence of local tensions, oil, natural gas and other sectors have changed. Driven by the energy sector, the relevant industry chain has ushered in a rising market.Before the holiday, the oil drilling tool plate changes, the company’s main business is engaged in the oil drilling and special tools and equipment related business enterprises.Led by the plate, related stocks ushered in a rising market.3. The company’s main products are downhole power drilling tools and wellhead devices, which are widely used in oil, natural gas, geothermal, shale gas and other drilling fields. The company’s products belong to the high-end equipment manufacturing field.Led by the plate, related stocks ushered in a rising market.From the technical point of view, Deshi shares (301158) driven by the plate, after a short callback, strong pull up stop.Main net inflow of funds 126 million yuan, the unit was selected dragon tiger list, net buying amount of 688868 million yuan.Operation, in the short term, the unit still continues to rise in power, the proposal of late focus on.