Nanjing Road to learn Lei Feng 40 years!The 70-year-old model worker is the 87th apprentice in China

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Speaking of Nanjing road school Lei Feng, many citizens are familiar.It has been 40 years since 1982 when tao Yijia, the first pharmaceutical store in Shanghai, and others started the activity of learning from Lei Feng on the 5th of every month at nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.This year has been 70 years old national model worker Tao Yijia is still learning from Lei Feng’s post quietly dedicated light and heat.On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, the 87th apprentice was welcomed in the form of serving the elderly in the community.On the afternoon of February 14, Tao Yijia and her new apprentice Peng Guangbing and other volunteers welcomed the Lantern Festival for more than 20 elderly people in the first residential area of Songnan Village.Despite the ritual, Tao yijia teaches the details of serving the elderly hand in hand while delivering the dumplings.Teacher tao: “guang bing ah, we are now for the old man to send dumplings.In our dumplings just burned out when a little hot, but at the end of the time, do give old uncle old mother said: you eat slowly!A word of warning, be careful to burn it, and then swallow it slowly because it’s waxy and it’s sticky with dentures.So when we eat it, we bite it first, and then swallow it. When you swallow it, it will hurt your tongue…”Peng Guangbing is a member of lei Feng love relay team of North School of Public rental city.Songnan Jiucun first residential area is the public rental city north school Lei Feng love relay team of many pairs of volunteer service points, has been 20 years.Although many members of the team have gone to other jobs over the years, the fine tradition of serving the people like Lei Feng has been passed down from generation to generation.A community resident gratefully told the reporter that these volunteers’ service content is quite rich, such as shaving heads, measuring blood pressure, sharpening knives and so on, we nine village residents warmly welcome, hope that the public rental company’s spirit will be passed on forever.Peng Guangbing has been working for more than 10 years in the north of public City. He has witnessed the demonstration of his teachers and actively devoted himself to serving the people like Lei Feng. He has won various honorary titles for many times.Also won the 10th Shanghai “Charity star” honor.Peng Guangbing came to Nanjing road pedestrian street and Tao Yijia for the first time five or six years ago, always hope to be able to worship Tao Yijia as a teacher, today finally fulfilled his wish.Peng Guangbing told reporters that in the service just noticed the master such a detail, dumplings to the old man remind the old man dumplings may have a little hot, pay attention to a little.Such details remind myself that we should pay more attention to many details in the service in the future, and we must pass the warmth of our volunteers to more and more people.According to Tao, the key to the service industry is to serve the people wholeheartedly.No matter he is in the public, I am in the pharmaceutical industry, in Nanjing Road, we have a common point, is to serve the people.So through such a ceremony, we will work together to do a better job of serving the people.Shi Xianru, general manager of Jinzhai Shangpi TCM Material Technology Development Co., LTD., from Jinzhai, an old revolutionary base area of Anhui province, has been working in Shanghai for five or six years. He is engaged in the development of TCM technology and has been advocating the idea of using kitchen instead of pharmacy to bring healthy food to the elderly.Recently, we have been studying how to transport high-quality vegetables from Jinzhai to Shanghai.During the event, Shi Xianru led her own team of volunteers to send blessings to the elderly.Shi Xianru told reporters, as a new Shanghainese, Shanghai is their second hometown, to blend in well.In the metropolis of Shanghai, our volunteer team should study well with tao teachers and seniors, and integrate well, so as to do something down-to-earth for the elderly in Shanghai, and bring the spirit of jinzhai Old Revolutionary base area to Shanghai.Song South nine village first residential area party chief secretary Ni Hui said that through the activities felt the volunteers of the community care for the elderly, but also hope that our community volunteers also better learn from them, better service for the community, for the people.Nanjing Road to learn From Lei Feng has been a full 40 years, now the scope of learning Lei Feng has already exceeded the scope of Nanjing Road.Tao yijia and her apprentice expressed their hope that by pairing up with their apprentice and apprentice, they could encourage more caring people to join the volunteer team and contribute to building a harmonious and beautiful society.Reporter/Liu Huiming editor/Zhang Shan photo/Liu Huiming shangguanhao author: Huangpu, Shanghai