Let’s experience the feast of folk customs in jinan Spring World

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The jade Dragon took off to celebrate the New Year.During the Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger, Impression Jinan • Spring World launched a series of activities with a strong Flavor of the New Year, creating a rich folk tourism feast for tourists and citizens who stay for the New Year. On the first day of the New Year, the block attracted nearly 100,000 visitors.As night fell, a string of bright yellow lanterns hung above the main street of the neighborhood grew brighter, creating a festive scene.In Quanyin Square, a giant tiger lantern attracted many tourists to stop and take pictures with their mobile phones, attracting many fans.”Mom, why does the tiger have wings?””One child asked innocently.”It’s a symbol of adding wings to a tiger. It’s a good wish.”The mother replied.On the west side of the giant tiger lantern, the miniature landscape lanterns of Qianfo Mountain, Baotu Spring and Daming Lake are particularly eye-catching.Tourists wander between the three places of interest.It is understood that “New Year flavor · Qiao Pagoda shade” spring city most beautiful lanterns will specially invite the hometown of lanterns zigong manufacturers to produce, with the Year of the Tiger zodiac and spring city characteristics as the main elements, to create a beautiful and festive national tide lantern.More than 1000 custom lantern and lanterns hundred group distribution in the block of main street and square, the summer clear spring stone upper change to jinan baotu spring – the three places of above, miniature, daming lake landscape, there are powerful, dynamic, roars hills, just like dragons rising in four groups of large chy-tech envelopes fountain plaza.The Lantern Festival will be on display until the second day of the second lunar month, the year of the Tiger.While appreciating the lanterns, visitors can also take a stroll through the Spring Festival merchandise collection and experience colorful folk customs.On both sides of the main street, there are rows of stalls full of festive flavor with a full range of children’s toys, cultural articles, festival food and other commodities, as well as sugar paintings, sugar blowing figures and other folk products. Tourists come to watch and buy in an endless stream.On the eve of the Spring Festival, impression Jinan • Spring World opened a New Year’s shopping mode, folk merchants bring all kinds of goods, so that tourists can enjoy the New Year life.With the sound of drums and gongs ringing out, a famous stilt walker begins his wonderful performance to the beat of drums.It drew cheers from tourists nearby.Majestic gongs and drums, diabolo, Yangko dance, face changing, walking on stilts, ancient Chinese color tricks…Organized by the masses of folk culture and art exhibition activities, let the tourists feel the rich flavor of the New Year.Block Xinghe Never Sleeps city is also a very lively place, in order to better meet the requirements of the masses of the public, night market during the Spring Festival to adjust business hours to 10:00 a.m., snack business is hot, tanghulu, malatang, fried yogurt, baked oysters…All kinds of snack stalls are crowded with tourists, people rush to buy the delicious snacks.Impression of jinan · Spring world’s five-star cinema – Jinyi Cinema, online a number of high-quality Spring Festival popular films, so that the public have more choices at the same time also over the “movie addiction”.Merry-go-round, rotating plane, outdoor skiing, ring and other entertainment project is more popular, the fun of entertainment projects, not only makes the impression, the spring world blocks attract the children to play more of a lead many young people are in a return to childhood, feel the lively atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, also make people happier,Let many young people have an entertainment platform full of surprises.When it comes to food, impression Jinan Spring World Block will satisfy your taste buds.A variety of restaurants are the favorite places for tourists to go to, hot pot, symbol of the red sichuan food, authentic taste of Shandong food and mellow taste of Hunan food, and so on, a variety of flavor food can not stop eating.(Report by Zhu Ziyu, client reporter of Dazhong Daily)