Interpretation of huangdi neijing vii

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“Yang, outside and solid…”The meaning of Yin and Yang, Yin main inside, Yang main outside, in the atmosphere of heaven and earth, sunlight is Yang, earth gas is Yin, in the blood muscles, bones and muscles of the five zang can be called Yin, gas is Yang, Yin and Yang to, is relatively speaking, and there is no exact standard, and Yin and Yang root each other and kill each other.Yin is for body just like our five zang-organs their main role is relative to the insides, fu: the small intestine, hand yangming’s large intestine, bladder, the sun of hand, foot and Yang the sanjiao (triple energizer) is less, of yangming foot foot shaoyang bile, their role is to produce the sun be the spirit, gas, and the effect of heat, fu was born the breath is hidden by five zang-organs, what to do to hide, to be strong.What is a drag, is to refine the Yin qi, shape, nourish each organ of our body.Therefore, the five zang organs are active, active, regenerated, the six fu-organs are active, supplying Yang qi, active, Yin and Yang are integrated, and the human body will be very healthy.Just like some people obviously want to do that, but it is not good, what reason, Yang qi is insufficient, Yin qi is not caused by.Yin is overwhelmed by Yang, Yang is too strong, just like our pulse flow, urgent, fast, tight, people just like crazy, often hear people say that this person crazy, in fact, Yang is too full.What happens if the Yang defeats the Yin?It’s as simple as a couple where a man can’t satisfy a woman.Yang qi is insufficient, the five zang organs should use Yang qi how to do, only earn, there will be injury, called weak dirty will appear problems.So what did the ancient saints do?They know the way of Yin and Yang, know the way of regulating the breath, so their bodies will be connected up and down, mutual tolerance, moderate bone marrow, qi and blood unobstructed.The function of qi and blood is good, so people’s eyes will be clear, ears are particularly sensitive, body limbs are strong, flexible, appetite is also very good, of course, you will understand what is a saint when you see him, different.If Yin and Yang are not attuned, the Huangdi Neijing says: wind guest whoring gas, fine is dead, evil hurts the liver.Zjueyin liver, also called Jueyin Wind wood, is itself a place of wind, but the wind generated by it is the heat of shaoyang gallbladder meridian, not the external evil wind, if the evil wind predominates, it will harm the liver’s natural qi.People now live a good life, a lot of people eat tube full, in fact, they do not know what to call full, stay up at night, plus spicy flavor stimulation, although loaded, full, can not eat.What were the results?Tendons take up, stretch out big, be out of shape, shift, the ancients call tendons horizontal solution, often hear stomach next the sound of running water clatter clatter, step by step a full belch, hemorrhoids on this kind of person body that is affirmation some, just why bother?And as we of the older people in fact, a lot of labor, the key is heavy labor, body has a limit, the heavy damage to the body is big, the first thing to breath deep, hand and foot pressure, bones and muscles with tight, bitter ah, modern people are good, basically do not have a few people do coolie, is your cloth, this is the progress of the society.The most popular two words in the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon are Yin and Yang. Everything in the world is divided into Yin and Yang. It is normal to say that there is Yin and Yang.If the Yang qi is not introverted enough, the Yin qi will be difficult to grow, and even extinct.If you have to use modern thought to explain this thing like a couple of women gentle as water, but not stupid, the man is full of Yang but not crazy, such a family we can go to feel, a good wife filial piety, young and old are appropriate, beautiful.We are not in the human body is sick, also is not good is good, always in the habit of life, to accumulate in the distrust between people, insecurity, poor diet, disordered sleep time, light, radiation, and the weather is wind, dew, suddenly cold, heat, etc., hurt too much,Ancient healers certainly can’t imagine that today’s people are sick more alive, but also what is delicious, dare to do, daodejing says the courage to dare to kill, modern people as our ancestors in fart.What does the growth of the human body depend on?Depend on nutrition, the ancients speak nutrition into five tastes, in fact, the modern people ten tastes eight tastes must be some, living conditions and good, a little will adjust the people, live 100 years old is a natural phenomenon.But our bodies depend on nutrition to survive, and at the same time, they are damaged by nutrition.No contradiction, this is called too much, fat, eat bad belly, excess nutrition, countless enumerations.So what are the specific manifestations of the five tastes?The taste is too sour. It hurts our spleen.The taste is too salty, we are prone to lack of heart qi, depression.The taste is too sweet, the heart is easy to gasp, the face is black, the kidney is not concentrated, the golden gun does not fall certainly with the person who eats too sweet.The taste is too bitter, this I would suggest that modern people can increase the point, a little bitter do not eat, life is not bitter to eat, food is not bitter, drink some medicine shake the head than the clock is still severe.The taste is too spicy, our tendons, always in a long contraction of the movement, mentally and physically but easy to get sick.