Hainan Airlines ground service “Zhenyi Team” : stick to the post warm way home sincere service won praise from passengers

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Beijing, Feb. 5, 2022 (CNS) — The Spring Festival travel rush is a warm way for travelers to return home, but for civil aviation workers, it means to stick to their posts and work silently.Hainan Airlines Holding Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Hainan Airlines”) Guangzhou Ground Support Center of HAINAN Airlines Group, “Zhenyi Team” always adheres to the concept of “true service” of CAAC, embodies the spirit of CIVIL Aviation in ordinary work positions, and deduce warm Spring Festival travel stories with meticulous service.On the eve of the Lunar New Year, the terminal building of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport ushered in a small rush of passengers. The check-in counter of Hainan Airlines received a special gift — a sticky note handed by passengers.This morning, Hainan Airlines Guangzhou ground support center zhen Wing team leader Zhan Hui as usual HU7014 Guangzhou – Haikou flight before boarding epidemic prevention inspection.When the passengers were lining up in an orderly manner according to the announcement and presenting the nucleic acid report of the last 48 hours, Zhan Hui found a passenger standing in the rest area near the boarding gate, looking anxiously at the gate from time to time.With keen professional habits, Zhan Hui asked the passenger if he needed help.Walking to the passenger side, Zhan Hui found that Ms. Zhang is a hearing, language barriers, can only rely on text communication.When she learned that the flight plan to go to Haikou, Zhan Hui assisted Ms. Zhang to check the health code and nucleic acid report, but found that the passenger’s nucleic acid report does not meet the requirements of Haikou port.Looking at Ms. Zhang’s helpless eyes, Zhan Hui immediately took her luggage and guided her to her seat, and communicated with her the epidemic prevention requirements of Haikou in words, explaining to the passengers why they could not travel this time.Other members of the team rushed to the boarding gate as soon as they saw Zhan Hui reporting the situation in the wechat work group, and gave Ms. Zhang warm water and warm baby.In order to ease Ms. Zhang’s anxiety, Zhan Hui wrote down what she needed to prepare for the flight, marked the location of nucleic acid testing points at the airport in detail, and made sure that she had understood all the information.Considering that Ms. Zhang was not very familiar with the airport environment and had some communication barriers, Zhan Hui handed over work to other members of the team, then accompanied the passenger back to the security gate, informed the check-in counter staff of the situation, and assisted her with the subsequent flight cancellation and change.After finishing all the work, Zhan Hui said goodbye to Ms. Zhang in a hurry and returned to work immediately.Unable to say more, Ms. Zhang wrote her silent thanks on the note: “To the staff of HNA: Thank you for your help, thank you for your persistence, although it is raining outside, my heart is full of sunshine.Wish you a happy New Year!– an ordinary passenger “.This silent thanks to Zhan Hui inexplicably moved, but also let him realize that this is the passengers of Hainan Airlines true service affirmation, small note paper bearing passengers and airlines between the trust and dependence.Since joining hainan Airlines in April 1997, Zhan Hui has quietly adhered to the frontline position of ground service for more than 20 years.As time flies, I have grown from a young man to a mature man, and from a young man to a business elite. The only constant is that I always stick to it and shorten the distance between passengers and airlines with sincere service.Whenever recall and passengers between stories, ZhanHui always said: “to justify passenger travel into the terminal is the first contact, as a whole, with passion, will implement after-sales service, will detail into a habit, let the passengers feel the warmth of the journey, always it is my constant work goals and the pursuit of service”.The seemingly simple recognition from passengers hides the civil aviation staff’s tireless pursuit of improving service quality for decades.On the way home during the Spring Festival travel rush, there are still many frontline employees of HNA, like Zhan Hui, who silently guard the passengers, providing meticulous, warm and convenient services, writing the professional spirit and service consciousness of an airline worker, making every ordinary post shining and realizing extraordinary value.