Flower season girl chew bamboo pole, suffer from this disease because of a birth, 5 years old nephew also appeared a problem

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Driving through a village, suddenly out of the roadside jumped a young girl, she pulled a bamboo pole, standing in the middle of the road to stop the car.While we were wondering, I saw a middle-aged woman ran over and stretched out her hand to pull the girl, then, the girl put the bamboo into her mouth, like eating sugar cane, hard to chew.The girl named Zheng Huan, 19 years old this year, is in the bloom of the year, she is like an innocent child, all day long wear west walk, mouth said non-stop.What’s more, she nibbled everything she saw with her mouth, even if it was a hard bamboo pole, she also ate out of the delicious feeling.The middle-aged woman is the girl’s mother, named Jiang Yunlan, who lives in Longqiao Village, Shuitian Township, Qianjiang District, Chongqing.She said: “When my daughter was born in 2003, she was in such bad condition that doctors told her she would not survive.Jiang Yunlan and her husband Zheng Xiaojiang do not want to accept the doctor’s judgment, they took the child home, carefully feeding, the child strong to survive.Just when the couple was happy, a new problem appeared.When the child was four or five years old, he could neither talk nor walk.So they took him to a hospital and gave him various treatments but nothing worked.As the child grows older, he eventually learns to walk, but has poor stability and often falls.In order to raise money to treat the child, Jiang Yunlan while taking care of the child, while picking up stones near the village, using a cart to sell stones to the highway construction site, struggling to pick up a day, there are dozens of hundreds of yuan of income.Her husband, Zheng Xiaojiang, earns several thousand yuan a month doing odd jobs on infrastructure sites, working wherever there is work.After saving some money, Jiang yunlan took her child to Chongqing for medical treatment. After careful examination by the hospital, it was determined that the child suffered from congenital cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy.In 2011, in order to get better treatment for her child, Jiang Yunlan took her daughter to Beijing. Under the careful treatment of the hospital, her daughter’s epilepsy has been controlled, and there has been almost no recurrence in the past 11 years.However, cerebral palsy is incurable, and the 19-year-old’s IQ is the same as that of a few months old baby. He is completely unable to take care of himself and needs adult care.In order to take care of her daughter, Jiang yunlan can’t do anything, all day with her child, feed her food and water, help her go to the toilet.Daughter born sexual activity, for fear of running out of accidents, so can not let the child leave his half step.Jiang Yunlan husband and wife have a son and a daughter two children, the daughter became disabled, fortunately, the son’s body is normal, a few years ago also married a daughter-in-law.In August 2017, their family welcomed a new member, Jiang Yunlan has a grandson, just when the family is very happy, the new situation happened.As the saying goes, misfortunes never come singly. After his grandson Zheng Yitong was born, his growth and development were normal. However, when he was three or four years old, he still could not speak.Now nearly five years old, she cannot speak a word as usual.The child was diagnosed with autism after being sent to the doctor for examination. After many inquiries, there was a rehabilitation hospital for autistic children in Chongqing, and the cost for treatment was 4.5 million yuan.The huge cost is like a basin of cold water, the heart of a family just lit up a little hope ruthlessly quenched.The reality of the family must be that they cannot afford treatment and can only temporarily give up treatment.There are two patients in the family, aunt and nephew have some similar condition, people suspected to be related to genetic factors, in view of this situation, can only temporarily give up the plan to have a second child.From the current situation, daughter Zheng Huan’s disease has no possibility of recovery, but grandson’s autism still has hope of cure, but suffering from family difficulties, temporarily unable to treat the child.However, the family secretly determined to find ways to work to earn money, raise funds, as soon as possible to send the child to the hospital, so that the child can grow up healthily.Because of wrestling injury, Jiang Yunlan left arm function is limited