“Easy cup” novel creation competition works | “Magic Valley dragon Scale secret Charm” : Chapter 35: I feel, it is a pair of hands

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Chapter 35: I feel, that is a pair of hands first of all, Ling Xue missing thing don’t say first, the old man said about magic valley rhyming is true?Is the valley of Magic really inhabited by man-eating monsters?What is it that’s been stalking us in the shadows all the way?Is it man or beast?Or is it a mountain demon?When the donkey Wolf attacked us, who made that long scream?Is it a beast or a legendary savage?Or is it a mountain demon?And why did the donkey – headed Wolf run away at the sound?Thinking too much, my mind became a mess.I stood up, came out of the tent and smoked a cigarette.Smoke out, still have no clue.I thought no more. I was going to pee and go back to the tent to sleep.I was afraid wujia would come out and see it, so I walked away and stopped behind a tuft of bushes.There was not much wind in the valley at the moment, and the night was still and gloomy, and the occasional roar of some unknown beast from the depths of the forest added yet more terror to the suffocating space.I was done, and suddenly there came a cool breeze in the valley, no, not cold, cold.I couldn’t help but shudder.I was about to turn around when a voice came from the bottom of the valley ahead.I wondered if there were others in the valley.I poked my head into the valley, and dimly I saw three figures sitting there saying something.They were about twenty or thirty metres away from me, but it was so dark in the valley that I could hardly see them.Three people, is thin monkey, Lao Zhu and Wujia also come out?Do they want to get out of the circle?I looked back at the tents, and I could see clearly that the lights were still on in both of them.I decided to go back to the tent. If it was the three of them, I would ask them to come back. After all, there were so many poisonous insects in the valley that it was dangerous to move around freely.I went to Wujia’s tent first.I saw her outer curtain zipped tightly shut.I gently unzipper, tent appeared a gap, I just want to head in, suddenly from the tent exposed a pale face, face with a weird evil smile, a row of white teeth.Two words suddenly popped into my mind: ghosts!My heart beat faster and my adrenal glands soared.Instinctively, I raised my fist and was about to strike hard at the grimace.Grimace suddenly spoke: “boss, what are you doing?”She’s not a ghost! She’s Wujia!I snapped back my fist, which turned into a palm, five fingers clawing at her face.Soon I had something slimy and sticky in my hands.”Eldest brother, you are sick, uncover my facial mask why?I haven’t had time yet!”I gather up to go forward, toward her to send out the face of grass fragrance, coldly say: “you just sick, big evening of apply what mask?It’ll be scary.”Wu Jia said grievously, “What does it matter to you if I apply my mask?Will I frighten you if you don’t come to my tent?”To be honest, I’m a little bent.I had nothing to do with her mask. I had just impulsively taken it off because I was scared.I suddenly regretted my impulse.I don’t know what to say.Wu Jia asked again, “I haven’t asked you yet?What are you doing up in the middle of the night in my big girl’s tent?Are you up to no good?”I said lightly: “you think much, I just came to see if you sleep.”Wu Jia snorted and said, “Come on, I think you’re just trying to do something wicked.”With that, Wu Jia drew back his head and zipped up the tent. I smiled ruefully and got up to leave.I suddenly remembered that I came to Wujia’s tent just to see if she was there.If she was in the tent, who were the three people talking in the valley?Thinking of this, I walked quickly to my tent.I want to see if Skinny monkey and Lao Zhu are here.I quickly unzipped the tent and popped my head in.Lao Zhu lay half on his sleeping bag, still reading the book about wildlings.Thin monkey is still holding a mobile phone in intently looking at what.They didn’t even look at me.Wujia is in the tent!Thin monkey and Lao Zhu are also in the tent. Who are the three people talking in the valley?I suddenly felt a chill down my spine, a chill down the nerves of my spine straight to my forehead.I quickly opened my backpack and took out my flashlight.I’m going to the valley to find out.Thin monkey and Lao Zhu saw my flustered appearance and looked up to me.Thin monkey say: “eldest brother, stem?”Lao Zhu lifted his glasses on the bridge of his nose and asked, “Well, didn’t you go out just now?And what for?”I ignored them, grabbed the flashlight, turned and ran out.I need to solve this mystery as soon as possible.But when I took the flashlight to my convenient position and looked down into the valley, I found nothing.The valley was empty, the rocks still bare, and clusters of weeds and shrubs stood motionless between the crevices of the adjacent rocks.Now even the wind had stopped.Yes, the three people who had been sitting and talking in the valley were gone!How come?Could it be that I had just heard their voices and seen their figures?I suddenly feel as if in a dream, even before the cold wind is like in a dream.I stood motionless, the torch’s aperture fixed on a rock.At this time, I suddenly felt that there was something on my shoulder, it is like a snake, from my back began to slowly slide to the right shoulder, walk…I felt it! It was a pair of hands!Who is he?When did he come up behind me?I have no idea.With my usual alertness, I should be able to sense any living creature within three meters of my body.Perhaps I was too preoccupied with the three men in the valley to notice what was happening behind me.My adrenaline burst and my hair stood up one by one.No matter what he is, no matter if I can’t beat him, I’m going to fight back. It’s a special forces personality.Instinctively, I reached out with my left hand, seized the hand on my shoulder, twisted it backward, and the man fell to the ground. At the same moment, there was a terrible cry from the ground: “Ouch!”I was about to hit the right hand flashlight to this person, suddenly feel that the sound is very familiar — my head instant big — she, is, wu, jia?I quickly flashlight to her face – over, not Wujia is who?I quickly helped her up.Her left hand to the wrist of the right hand, mouth moans say: “death eldest brother, you crazy, even I fall?””How did I know it was you, sneaking up behind me?”I look innocent.”Who is there in this valley but the three of us?I think you did.”Wu Jia pursed her mouth and looked about to cry.”There may be more than three of us in this valley.”I answered lightly.Wu Jia stamped his feet and said: “Of course not, I know you are going to say there is ling Xue, say!Did you come here alone to think of her?”I wanted to tell her about the three men I had seen in the valley, but a remark got in the way, and I said no more.If I say it, I’m afraid she’ll think she won’t be able to sleep tonight.”Would you believe me if I said I was missing you?”Follow the public account LYgDS8 to read the full article or click on Langya Pavilion to learn more and see the full book