Should I report this repair to “hotline”?

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On the first floor of a residential building in Yueyang, Hunan province, a gas tank door fell off last year, exposing the installed gas meter to wind and rain and dirt.There is a house dozens of meters away from the community yard, rented by a gas maintenance team, a building room also piled up equipment.Someone saw this situation, afraid of gas gauge damage, reported the maintenance team.The maintenance crew said they were looking for a supervisor.To the fourth floor to find the maintenance team leadership, promised to repair immediately.But months went by and no repairs were made.The property manager of the community saw the situation and found the maintenance team leader to report, but there was still no movement.From last year to this year, it still hasn’t been fixed.Someone asked the maintenance team staff who often came and went in and out of the community: “Why is it right here, lifting a finger, but it is always not repaired?”Some say: I’m afraid to call gas hotline repair.Some say: be afraid to want above order.Some just laugh and don’t answer.This is confusing: the door of a gas meter can be fixed in a matter of minutes by someone with experience and tools.The maintenance team is right next to it, with dozens of employees. Why have they ignored it for so long and failed to repair it?Whether to wait until the gas meter damage, gas leakage, fire, explosion, resulting in disaster again to disaster relief?And fix it again?From the layman’s point of view, the fundamental one may be interest.To put it bluntly, how much does it cost to repair the door of a gas meter?Without going out of the courtyard, without moving the car, if you don’t need to place an order, send someone to install a few screws, or welding repair, how many man-hours will it take?How much does it cost?What’s going on here?I’m afraid only the gas company and the maintenance crew can explain.In his New Year’s speech, President Xi jinping called on “the Chinese government to fully predict the strong and strong feelings of the society and the people”.This year is the Year of the Tiger. We should learn from the spirit of the tiger and learn to be vigorous and vigorous in our work.If you work like a lazy cat, haggle over every ounce, bucking and dragging, this is against the New Year’s style.People (stone)