Reporter explore PCR laboratory: 8 people test nucleic acid 20,000 person-times every day

2022-06-01 0 By

The technician is testing the samples. The technician is receiving the samples. The nucleic acid test is the most critical part of case screening and the primary criterion for the diagnosis of COVID-19.Recently, the reporter walked into the PCR laboratory of Dezhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the nucleic acid samples collected will be transferred here for testing, to explore the “Dezhou speed” of nucleic acid testing.At the PCR laboratory of Dezhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nucleic acid technicians work around the clock in 24-hour shifts.According to Zhong Yanfa, director of the clinical laboratory of Dezhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the laboratory has a total of eight technicians, of whom 75 percent are female, and they need to undertake about 20,000 nucleic acid tests every day.Since its establishment in July 2020, the laboratory has tested more than 520,000 nucleic acid tests.”We are not only responsible for nucleic acid testing of the surrounding people, but also for nucleic acid testing of the goods and staff of the cold warehouse imported by the Market Supervision Bureau, as well as the testing tasks of municipal high schools, colleges and secondary technical schools, and secondary hospitals around the city, with a huge number of samples.”Jongyanfa said.”Every time I come into the lab, I have to stay for seven hours, even more than ten hours, without eating or drinking, without going to the bathroom.”Dezhou City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine PCR laboratory supervisor technician Gao Yan e said, technicians every day “armed” into the laboratory, complete sample collection, sample inactivation, specimen extraction and reagent preparation, specimen amplification, results review and other links, finally give a key judgment.Nucleic acid test reports were born in their hands.The whole nucleic acid testing process is like an assembly line, with three on-site testers each taking on their own responsibilities, interlinked and seamless.The technician, his sweaty hands visible through his double rubber gloves, took off his thick protective suit and rested against a locker.Boil red eyes, clearly visible white sweat on the shirt, all show the detection of a busy line.Here they have been fighting for days.Morningstar, wearing a month return, that is the real portraiture of virus nucleic acid testing technicians work, here although there is no face to face with patients, but the “poison” measurement closest to the virus, a batch after batch of new nucleic acid testing samples are being sent to the laboratory, through the thick glass, although we can’t see their faces, but they to generate silently dedication, hard work at full capacity,For the general public to build a strong health barrier.