The national K-song “Ice and Snow Games” H5 plays a new pattern of “music + sports”

2022-05-31 0 By

When the Winter Olympics meet the Spring Festival, the song of ice and fire grand singing.During the national celebration of the “Year of the Winter Olympics”, the national music entertainment social platform K Song specially launched the “National Ice and Snow Games” H5 mini game for users to discover the hidden sports soul in the voice, so that users can unlock the charm of ice and snow sports with songs.This fun game, which combines online karaoke songs with ice and snow sports science, has set off a wave of fancy experience and dazzling upsurge immediately after its launch, igniting a rich atmosphere of ice and snow sports during the Spring Festival.King of breath or master of intonation?Come and test your voice for ice sports soul karaoke. Are you an explosive singer with iron lungs or a tune-in singer with a variety of skills?Maybe your karaoke set has hidden special attributes.The National K Singing Research Institute found that singing and ice and snow sports have similarities. People’s control of breath and maintenance of intonation are similar to the requirements of athletes in the physical exertion and skill events in ice and snow sports.Based on this, launch the K song, “” national snow and ice sports H5, user can choose” flavor king “or” intonation “participate in the challenge, track, through a karaoke since the research analysis and humming songs sound evaluation algorithm, singing breath or intonation points are given, the user’s voice and ten ice and snow sports match,For users to “uncover” the hidden soul of the movement in the song.After entering H5, users can choose to retrieve the performance data of the last month or record songs at least 5 seconds long to obtain the fun test results.The recording list, the nation’s K songs selected a number of cover high, popular songs, both “lone Brave”, “New Boy”, “Chaser”, “star sea” and other recent hit songs, but also “Red Sun”, “glorious days”, “ordinary road” and other classic songs, is suitable for all ages.K-song “Black technology” found the unique charm of singing, the national k-song let hi sing fun and interesting “music + movement” behind the fun gameplay, cannot leave the national K-song “black technology” support.Different from users in K songs, recorded in the software in the testing of H5, users can get rid of intonation, the original song range limit, free related songs, based on a broadly karaoke singing evaluation algorithm independent research and development, through the analysis to capture hum the melody line in the process of change, tone and shade and stability characteristics, finally realizes the objective evaluation analysis of the singing.The algorithm specially developed for special scenes in the field of online karaoke can be called another breakthrough in timbre analysis and singing evaluation system. Currently, the algorithm has submitted the corresponding patent application.Since its inception, the national K song has always adhered to technological innovation, it has launched AI practice singing, intelligent sound repair, AI song wind and other black technology, not only reduce the threshold of K song, but also to create a diverse and novel K song experience for users.For example, the intelligent sound correction function favored by users can automatically correct and optimize the intonation and rhythm, equivalent to “one-click beauty” for users’ voice, which is praised by users as “exclusive millions of tuners”.With the AI music style function, users can change the accompaniment music style according to their personal taste when recording songs, fully meeting the diversified singing needs of users.With the leading technology and continuous innovation of diversified gameplay, more and more users will be the national karaoke as the online karaoke platform of choice, karaoke fans here freely open their voices, enjoy the fun brought by karaoke.