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During the execution of lu x’s application for Lu Yunlong’s private loan dispute, the court has not found any property clues under the name of the person subject to execution.Because the subject lu Yunlong does not fulfill the obligations determined in the effective legal documents, the applicant Lu Xx now applies for the execution of the reward.In accordance with the provisions of 21, 22, 23 and 24 of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning Property Investigation in Civil Execution, the court has decided to offer a reward for searching the property of Lu Yunlong, the person subject to execution, and hereby issue the reward execution notice as follows:Lu Yunlong, male, born on October 16, 1988, han nationality, registered residence place: Nanguan Street, Fusong Town, Fusong County, Jilin Province, ID Number: 22062119881016****.Execution basis: Civil judgment No. 45803, Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court (2020), Beijing 0105, Early Republic of China.Subject of execution: RMB 48,958.25 as principal and overdue interest (based on RMB 48,958.25, starting from July 16, 2020 to the date of actual payment, calculated according to the monthly interest rate of 0.6%) and delayed performance interest.Reward amount: For those who provide the property clue of lu Yunlong for execution to chaoyang Court (the property which has been found and controlled by the court but has not been punished for the time being is not within the scope of reward) and are verified and actually executed, the reward will be 20% of the amount of the reported property executed.Time limit of reward: before the execution of the case.The court will keep confidential the identity of the informant and the information related to the informant clues.Contact Person: Judge Zhigang He: 010-85998896 Assistant Judge Sirui Zhou: 010-86377393 Mailing Address:In the Second Office Area of Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court, Judge He Zhigang received the case of Lu Xx’s application for execution of Lu Yunlong’s civil loan dispute case (Beijing 0105, no. 21042, 2021), based on the civil judgment issued by Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court (2020), Beijing 0105, No. 45803 at the beginning of the Republic of China.The judgment reads: “The defendant Lu Yunlong shall repay the principal of the loan of 48,958.25 YUAN to the plaintiff Lu Xx and pay overdue interest (based on 48,958.25 yuan, from July 16, 2020 to the date of actual payment, according to the standard of 0.6% monthly interest rate) within seven days after this judgment takes effect.If it fails to perform its obligation of payment of money within the period specified in this judgment, it shall, in accordance with article 253 of the Civil Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, pay double the interest on the debt for the delayed performance period.The case acceptance fee of 1050 yuan, by the plaintiff Lu xx bear 26 yuan (has paid), by the defendant Lu Yunlong bear 1024 yuan (paid within seven days after the effective of this judgment).”The judgment has taken legal effect.Lu xx applied to chaoyang Court for enforcement on May 8, 2001.In the process of execution, no clue of the property under the name of the person subject to execution has been found.The Chaoyang Court has taken measures to limit consumption of those subjected to execution.Chaoyang court will solemnly promise to the identity of the informant and inform against the information of the relevant situation to be confidential!It is strictly forbidden to use improper means to obtain information!Date of birth: October 16, 1988 ID No. : 22062119881016**** Address: Nanguan Street, Fusong Town, Fusong County, Jilin Province