Boy was playing in a shopping mall in Guiyang when he hit his head and received 6 stitches!Parent: The mall is half responsible

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More than 6 PM on January 25 ms zhang took the son leave in guiyang by the open area wanda plaza shopping mall when running after the son open the door of the gate in front of a banged my forehead was hit on the door frame out of a hole bleeding, says ms zhang, at that time, children run speed is faster, hit the door hinges on the part of a projection,Zhang, who was walking behind, saw her son’s injury and rushed him to a nearby hospital, where he received six stitches.After treatment, the child’s wound has healed without serious injury, but there is a scar. For the occurrence of this accident and the follow-up repair of the child’s scar, Ms. Zhang also consulted with the mall.Ms. Zhang believes that parents must be responsible for inadequate supervision, but the raised nails on the door of the shopping mall are also a potential safety hazard.On February 17, the reporter and Ms. Zhang found the staff of wanda Plaza longwan store in Guiyang.For several raised places on the gate hinge, the staff indicated that they were present from the time the gate was installed and were present on every gate.For this accident, the mall staff said that they did not shirk their responsibility and were willing to bear the 900 yuan cost of Ms. Zhang taking her children to deal with the wound. As for the cost of scar repair, both sides still need to negotiate.Zhang said the cost of repairing the scar would be about 3,000 yuan, and she thought the mall would have to cover half the cost.For such a request, mall staff said they would first report to the leadership, in the second day before noon to Ms. Zhang a reply.Source: Common concern reporter: Wu Jing Lei Jia Hao internship: Deng Xuelin Li Fangfang