The winter Sports Center of general Administration of Sports congratulates Qi Guangpu for his gold medal: the snow pioneer reaches the peak bravely

2022-05-30 0 By

Winter Sports Center of General Administration of Sports of China He Xin National Freestyle Skiing Aerials TeamOn February 16, in Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing aerial skill competition, the two-time world champion, four times in the winter games JiGuangPu under the condition of the main rivals have a good play, with high of 129.00 is divided into the Chinese sports delegation added a gold medal, after 16 years in the freestyle skiing aerial skill men athletes on Olympic winter games the highest podium again!Congratulations to Qi Guangpu dream for the winter Olympics, congratulations to the national freestyle skiing aerials team 2 gold MEDALS and 1 silver MEDALS successfully completed the competition task!”Snow pioneer”, climb to the top!Beijing Olympics has entered the final sprint phase, in the hope that the team continue to remain modest and calm, avoid arrogance, cherish the opportunity for his nation, cherish the honor mission, in the games are firm confidence, beyond the self, show the uplifting of the spirit, double harvest, sports achievements and spiritual civilization for the party and the people strive for greater glory,Make greater contribution to realize the dream of sports power!Winter Sports Center of General Administration of Sports February 16, 2022