Tang Yixin will wear more and more, green small fragrant wind collocation a white walk airport, dignitaries and foreign style

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Named Tang Yixin everyone not unfamiliar, she and her husband Zhang Reyun love a lot of people called immortal love, also known as the entertainment circle of Jennifer, to pay attention to fashion wear take miss the sisters, Tang Yixin enviable besides she has the envy of gods love everyone, but also because she has generally the highs of the clothes.Tang Yixin’s modelling analysis: small fragrant wind coat — wear a fresh and energetic sense Tang Yixin will wear more and more, green small fragrant wind matches a white, noble and foreign.Tang Yixin wore a green plaid elements in the upper part of the small sweet wind coat, classic small sweet wind coat usually emerged as version of brief paragraph, this delicate agile brief paragraph is very suitable for a small and very skinny Tang Yixin, wear up very minus age, green plaid on collocation, the whole people look are full of vitality.White take + white pants Tang Yixin visual emphasis on the collocation of color photos very understand, the upper part of the green plaid small sweet wind coat on the color design or in the style of cut is very delicate, have enough attention, so on other collocation is best choose simple low-key colour and design to foil,She is very clever with a white to match, played a very good supporting role.9 minutes of pants + small short boots can be used in the winter with nine minutes of pants instead of trousers, pants to wear in winter are so easy to wear out of a sense of bloated and slovenly, lack of vitality, with the length of the nine points on collocation fastens with color small short boots, on the colour collocation can wear out the extension of a visual sense, and the collocation of small short boots can make up for a lack of ankle part of insulation faults.Large handbag in winter with general advice you can match some capacity is a little bit big bag, on the one hand, capacity is big bags on practicality is very strong, can take a lot more in the winter is tie-in, on the other hand, in winter collocation, the collocation of big bags can also let whole modelling have qualitative feeling more,However, such oversized handbags can look a bit out of place on slender girls.Tang Yixin is tie-in on the head the white lamb velvet hat of a foundation, the pure white of the foundation and take inside, the colour of pants and shoe keeps consistent, won’t produce too strong visual impact sex on the colour collocation of whole body, and the woolly lamb velvet hat looks to appear very warm on the vision.Other modeling analysis of Tang Yixin:Large green down jacket + ripped jeans in winter is tie-in, the more the more bright color is bad control, like this down jacket Tang Yixin body used on colour very grab an eye of peak green to increase eye feeling, although very grab an eye, but it is really easy on ordinary people overturned, she in the lower body is tie-in nine points of the length of the hole jeans, look fashionable feeling,However, this kind of collocation method is very high test of driving ability, the average person is afraid not to try.Black suit based black skirt suit businesswomen are believed to be the necessary sheet is tasted in the wardrobe, but relative to the black suit, black suit skirt is much more fashionable to wear out feeling, although less serious sense of workplace, but for pure girls legs, this skirt design approach can figure advantages to the limit.Blue down coat + radish jeans blue down coat collocation bright blue radish jeans with a same color saturation of different administrative levels, on the whole collocation both the fashion sense and warmth, the lower half of the turnip pants on the design of the model fit in with the pear shape, little sister, classic design on wide below narrow way let the crotch width is well hidden.After becoming a mother, Tang Yixin not only did not gain weight, but maintained her figure even better than when she was a girl. In addition, the clothing itself was very good. After becoming a mother, she just added the charm of women, but she did not lose young girls in figure and state.Statement: the pictures in the article are from network, if you have any objection, please contact to delete, thank you!For more exciting content, follow the fashion beauty girl