Essay: Back then

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On the way home from work in the evening, I met a colleague. He used to be in the same department as me, but we never saw each other. Later, the organization was adjusted and he was transferred to another room.He saw me from a distance. He had good eyes.He told me that he had retired, in fact, according to the provisions of the word should still have a year, he said he really do not want to dry, after a soft and hard talk with the leadership, finally approved, to see his fresh and happy appearance, I can only be envious.He used to be a high school senior high school physics teacher, graduated from normal school, and later due to the business school socialization, many teachers would you want the benefit of the original enterprise, is not willing to high school when the teacher to the society, have to companies agree that these people changing careers, and internal digestion arrangement work, some people went to the library, some people went to the print room, some went to the purchasing department,In short, their previous major has been abandoned, can only do a number of units here outside the main line of work security, transactional more than professional, however, they also peacefully adapt.I wonder why they didn’t want to go to a social school to do what they had done for so long.Maybe they are afraid of the talent flow and various challenges in the society, maybe they really want to change to a different professional experience, maybe they are also obsessed with the so-called stable welfare in the system, these may only be my guess.But also have individual teacher, they gave up their internal unit of settlement, do not want to stay here to sit to eat such as death, is not willing to give up their favorite interest and specialty, has quite confident about their teaching ability, voluntary outside school to apply for, accept may encounter all sorts of challenges, continue to pursue his former teacher professional, teach oneself to like course,Look at their students that young and energetic smiling face, enjoy the sense of honor everywhere.Back from their feedback later, their wages and salaries is generally higher than the unit auxiliary within their wages, they respected in school is far higher than the secondary position in the unit of the lot, some people still do are flawed, achieved good results, regardless of title or treatment has considerable improvement, these make their original those colleagues both admire and envy.This colleague took the former route, it can be said that the latter period of work is quite boring, the professional knowledge they have learned is useless, work enthusiasm and recognition are not high.However, they still retain the unique temperament of teachers on campus. They often apply the mode of getting along with teachers and students to their colleagues, and the effect is not satisfactory.I wonder what I would have done if I had been one of them.Under that space-time background, it is not easy to make a choice that is in line with both my own interests and my own profession, repeatedly weighing various advantages and disadvantages, and inevitably subject to various subjective and objective conditions. It is estimated that I may not be able to make a better choice than this colleague.However, I still applaud those who dare to face up to the challenges, at least they should be happy in spirit, they also make their life value fully reflected, and do not let their precious youth wasted.