Ericsson targets Apple resellers in Brazil as cellular patent dispute escalates

2022-05-30 0 By

Apple filed a lawsuit against Ericsson as early as December 2021, alleging unfair and heavy-handed tactics in cellular patent licensing negotiations.Ericsson has retaliated with a patent infringement lawsuit against the Cupertino giant and is now targeting its Brazilian resellers.Last year some of Apple’s standard essential patents (SEP), which are owned by Ericsson, expired.The company did not renew its contract and instead tried to negotiate a better deal with Ericsson.However, the talks broke down and Ericsson filed a lawsuit accusing Apple of bad faith negotiations and patent infringement.Apple responded with a lawsuit of its own, accusing Ericsson of unfair and heavy-handed tactics in licensing cellular patents.For those who don’t know, standard essential patents (SEP) mean that without these patents, in the case of smartphones, a manufacturer can’t make a device.There is a global agreement that licenses of these patents must be provided in accordance with the FRAND terms: fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory.Since then, the legal battle over patents has continued to escalate, as Ericsson is now pursuing Allied Tecnologia SA, the Cupertino giant’s Brazilian wholesaler, to put pressure on Apple by cutting off its Brazilian supply chain.”Ericsson continues to keep the pressure on Apple,” Foss Patents wrote in a report on the matter.In a filing in the Eastern District of Texas on Monday, Apple said, “[I] in Brazil […], in addition to the previous injunction request against Apple, Ericsson […]A second preliminary injunction was filed on January 17 against Allied Tecnologia SA, based on Ericsson’s claim of 4G cellular SEP, solely because Allied resold Apple cellular products.”Apple is now intervening to protect its wholesalers.Ericsson’s strategy of going after resellers is the same one Apple used in 2012 as part of its patent infringement claim against Samsung.Apple also escalated the matter and sought to invalidate ten patents held by Ericsson.# iPhone # For more awesome content, follow People from Sichuan in Hong Kong