Chongqing Starbucks store “advised to leave and complain” outside the store to eat police?Starbucks Ciqikou: It’s true, but no complaint

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Cover news reporter Li Maojia intern Qiu Meifang on February 13, a netizen posted that “Chongqing Starbucks persuaded police to eat in front of the store”, which aroused hot discussion.Screenshots posted online show that starbucks employees saw police officers eating at the gate, saying that the police officers would “affect the brand image”, and persuaded them to leave and complain.The starbucks store in question refused to respond directly on Wednesday, saying, The incident happened on February 13, but we did not complain to the police.Meanwhile, shuangbi Police Station in Shapingba district said, “The shapingba District public Security Bureau and ciqikou Management Committee are investigating the case, so we can’t be interviewed.”A netizen posted that “Chongqing Starbucks drove police to eat in front of the store”, which aroused heated discussion.Screenshot (network) starbucks: no complaint behavior Particular case is investigating According to net the screenshots of the text said: “today (February 13) on duty in the center of the magnetic device mouth tourists (the original scenic spots across the entrance to the chongqing tuo tea) next to starbucks to have a meal, at the gate of starbucks employees see we ate a half, say that you can change a place to eat?You’re hurting our brand image…”Starbucks complained to the police, the article said.The cover news learned that the online starbucks store is located in The Back street of Ciqikou, No.89, Xingfu Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing.On the morning of February 14, the Cover news reporter visited the starbucks store, which is divided into two floors, the upper floor is the ordering area, and the lower floor is the dining area.Interior view of Starbucks Ciqikou Back Street store.(Photo by Cover news reporter Li Maojia) The staff of the store did not make a positive response to “whether the police on duty were expelled for eating at the gate ‘affecting the brand image'”. “We are not convenient to answer this question now, and are investigating the details of the whole matter.””It happened yesterday (February 13), but we did not make any complaint against the police,” she added.When the Cover reporter asked for more details, the employee said, “I will call starbucks’ public relations department in Chongqing for instructions before deciding whether to accept the interview.”When reached by phone, the staff explicitly declined to be interviewed.The Cover reporter repeatedly called starbucks’ public relations department in Chongqing, but was unable to get through.The cover news then called starbucks’ central and Western district staff, who said, “The specific situation is under investigation, and we will report back as soon as the investigation becomes clear.”Exterior view of starbucks Magnetic qikou Back Street store.(Photo taken by Cover news reporter Li Maojia) Nearby businesses: Police officers were seen eating in front of Starbucks at noon on March 13. The cover news investigated several shops near starbucks ciqikou back street store.Several shop assistants in nearby stores confirmed that the police did have lunch at the gate of Starbucks at noon on July 13, but they did not notice whether the starbucks staff had “driven away” the police.”I did see a few police officers eating in front of starbucks at noon yesterday, but they were busy greeting customers and didn’t pay much attention,” said an employee of chongqing Tuo Tea shop, which is directly opposite the Starbucks.The owner of qingfengxulai, a nearby restaurant that sells tuanfeng fans, also said, There were some police officers sitting in front of the starbucks, but I didn t hear any quarrel.Many shop assistants nearby said: “Yesterday was Sunday, the weather in Chongqing is fine, ciqikou many visitors, busy doing business, did not notice what happened in front of the Starbucks.”Netizen collective brush bad comment.The cover news reporter found that the Starbucks Ciqikou Back Street store had many negative reviews on a review website, with a total score of 3.7 points.The nearest Starbucks store, Shacixiang, scored 4.3.The comments ranged from complaints that phone calls were disconnected to complaints of poor service.@Smoke Comment: “What a big Starbucks?Is it a decoration when you don’t answer your phone?Forty or so dollars a cup…”@dpuser commented: “We were both eating dessert and coffee. The dumb little girl picked up our dessert…The experience was poor and the service dragged down the whole store.”Li Baitian commented: “When I wanted to add a little milk, the buffet didn’t have any, so I went to the bar and asked them to add a little milk for me. Oh my God, I looked impatient and said, in the future, you can ask for milk when ordering food…I added it, but it was a bad experience.The cover also noted that many netizens flocked to the store’s comment section of a review website to leave negative comments after the police eviction incident was exposed online.There are netizens angry message: “do not know what position to eat will not affect you?””What is worthy of eating at your door?A cheap coffee who gives you superiority.”When a reporter from the Cover News visited shuangbi Police station at 2 p.m. on Thursday, a police officer on duty said, It is true.At present, shapingba District public Security Sub-bureau and ciqikou management committee are investigating and negotiating.”