Chinese New Year message “Long live scientific research”

2022-05-30 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year of 2022, dalian Yinggeshi Science City has been fully launched, and various scientific research projects are under way.At the School of Energy, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 40 to 50 researchers from clean energy to bioengineering will spend the Spring Festival in the laboratory.On January 28th in the afternoon, in the university college of energy spectroscopy T3 building electrochemical and lithium ion battery research experiment in the laboratory, zhiwei zhao speaking specially bought a few paper chines, companions busy half a day to finally write couplet, posted at the entrance to the laboratory, linked to write “‘s research and development, no girls, “second line is” who say academic not amorous feelings “, horizontal batch write long live “scientific”.Write Spring Festival couplets.(Photo post) Zhao Zhiwei’s main research direction is the basic science of the interface between electrode and electrolyte of lithium battery.He told reporters that the research projects they are engaged in are basic research and have a wide range of applications. Currently, they are also cooperating with ningde Times and other leading enterprises in the field of new energy. With the in-depth research, the safety and energy density of lithium ion batteries will be further improved.Zhao said four colleagues and graduate students, including Alan Faher, a postdoctoral fellow from Pakistan, spent the year in the lab this year.”We work in the lab from morning to dusk every day. Chinese researchers are so diligent,” he said of spending Chinese New Year in Dalian.Researchers stick to the front line during the Spring Festival.(Photo blog) Alan Faher said he was impressed by the strong learning and research atmosphere, the excellent laboratory equipment, the friendly and harmonious teachers and the intelligent and dedicated students.This year marks the first time Yang has spent a holiday outside China, and his family supports him in Dalian.”Scientific research is still more important, and research can’t be delayed.”Yang zhi said that although neither the institute nor the tutor had specific requirements, they usually spent more than 10 hours in the lab every day, from 8 am to 5 PM and returning to the lab to work until around 10 PM.At the School of Energy, about 40 to 50 researchers will spend the Spring Festival in the lab this year.”Both the tutor and the school disapprove of our staying here for the New Year, but we really can’t leave now. It’s a critical moment.”Huan Chen, from Kunming, Yunnan province, is a doctoral candidate at the Biomolecular Function and Mechanism Group, which conducts basic research on tumor metabolism.For her research, Chen Huan does not feel boring, but warm.”We have to grow cells every day, like taking care of a small child, eating, sleeping and so on.”This Spring Festival, Chen Huan has made a plan: The New Year’s Eve with his classmates to have dinner, and then do experiments, after returning to the dormitory, he will use the projector just bought, watching the Spring Festival Gala, watching movies, a beautiful New Year.Dalian Bureau of China Daily