After watching “Trump card”, I just know when I was a child to play “guess melon seeds” lost money, is how to be cheated

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How many street tricks have you encountered?I remember when I was a child, it was in the zero years or so, the rapid economic development, hometown factories mushroomed everywhere, followed by a large number of migrant workers.The change of ethnic proportion brings cultural diversity. On holidays, temple fairs, vegetable markets and cross streets are bustling with people beating drums and gongs.At the same time, also attracted a lot of speculation profiteering crooks.There are holding the end of the chess to find opponents, there are holding a pinball table waiting for the rabbit, and holding a poker guess wang…As I was still young, such a gathering place seemed like a mountain to me. Unable to cross the mountains, I could only look at it, hoping to participate in the “adult game”, and even fantasizing about how I would behave when I won money.Until I got scammed.It was in the food market, and I met people dancing like ants. Sitting in the middle were traders. The game was simple: “guess melon seeds.”I saw him right hand bowl, left hand to grab a handful of melon seeds, a throw a few grains into the bowl, immediately covered with wood.Ask, there are a few melon seeds in the bowl, guess wrong all eat, guess right return one times.It looks like it’s all eye candy.I noticed that every time he threw the seeds, he paused and picked up the board.At that time, I thought I was a genius and addicted to it. I began to calculate the results of each game in my head, three, five, six, and I guessed correctly.Finally, I couldn’t help whispering, wishing everyone around me knew what I was capable of, and everyone around me was giving me the thumbs up — the grown-ups had made room for me!I was flattered, a little complacency swelled to the top of my head, plus the thought of thinking yes, hands involuntarily reached into my pants pocket.It’s time to realize your dream…”Four!I looked at my chance and caught a gap with the best chance. The trader paused for a long time as if he had given me nothing. I calmly threw out my $20, expecting the “child prodigy” look from the people around me.Sarah…The wood hung hissing at the edge of the bowl, and one melon seed after another appeared like a curtain call.One, two, three, four…Wait, why are there five?Wrong ah, I clearly saw there are four, how to jump out a grain?Before I could finish my expression, the trader had started the next round, and the people around me were standing on either side of me as if they had never met me before.Twenty yuan, originally my father gave me the snack fee for this weekend, it lost at the same time, I also bet on the loss of the voice in the small group.Oh, shit. I can’t even get a sugar triangle tonight.I felt repressed and fled, but I refused to accept it, so I sat quietly in the corner staring at them, like an unwanted rag thrown aside.Finally, the night falls, I see with my own eyes those who lost money, those who gave me the empty adults, they arm in the trader’s arm, disappeared in the song.Then I realized that I had not pushed my way into the crowd, but that they had let me in.Luck and misfortune depend on each other is, later I gamble at a distance, which also let me avoid a lot of tragedies, but there is still one thing in mind – that a melon seed, is I wrong?Until recently, a variety show reminded me of my childhood and put an end to the heart demons that had lasted for twenty years.”Trump card to Trump Card seventh season” the second phase is “anti-fraud” as the theme, not only invited “anti-fraud APP” spokesperson police officer Lao Chen, even the guests are police and gangster film starring, and even the game is closely related to anti-fraud.Interestingly, when the program came to a popular science guessing game, the program invited a public gambling abuser to simulate the street fraud, but I didn’t expect it would affect me in front of the screen.The abstainers started with Guess 38.He took out a piece of paper with “3” and “8” characters on both sides, placed it in a wine cup, shook it and then closed the lid. He only needed to guess the right number.Before the game, Jia Ling also promised to mock the gambler: “Such a naive game, can you cheat money?”After the game began, Jia Ling, who was addicted to gambling, lay in the front row, staring at the paper in the cup, and clearly saw an “8” before the lid.Jia Ling immediately smiled and took out all her savings on the “8”.Unexpectedly, when the cup opened, it turned out to be a “3” character, and the score of the half variety show was all in vain.Jia Ling refused to accept, and insisted on opening a game.This time, she saw an “8” in the cup again.How to do?How about the other way around?Jia Ling put only one ticket pressure in the “3”, and the side has won a game of Guan Xiaotong confidence, put all savings pressure on the “8”.The cup opened, sure enough, a “3” character.Although won, but Jia Ling is not happy, she knows that the paper in the wine cup can be controlled clearly, which side pressure more it will eat which side of the bet.Then, the gambler changed a game, I was surprised.It was the “guess melon seeds” I played when I was a child.Just like in his childhood, the gambler takes a bowl, throws out a few melon seeds, and guesses the number of seeds in the bowl.What overlaps with the memory is that the hand of the gambling abuser is still slow as usual. After throwing out the melon seeds, he specially gave all the guests a gap enough to observe.Four melon seeds.At this point, someone immediately pressed 4 seeds.And Jia Ling because of the lessons of the game in front of her, although she was talking about 4 seeds, but still choose the sword to go astray, choose to press 5 seeds.I’m going 4, I’m going 5. I’m not going to lose, am I?Unexpectedly, when the gambler opened the lid, there were 6 seeds lying in the bowl!Two out of thin air!All bets are off again. The house wins alone.The two melon seeds that this appears without a thin air lets guest collective consternation, the gamblers that do not believe evil want to challenge to stop gambling division again.But no matter how to play, the number of melon seeds in the bowl is always different from what you see, even if someone guess right, melon seeds are also like gambling division’s cronies in general, each time can be divided into the largest share for the banker.Jia Ling did not know where she was wrong until she lost everything.Is it luck or eyesight to blame?Until finally, the field is slightly older two veteran shen Teng, Sand overflow peep saw the cat.They found that each time the gambler opened the opening, the rackets used to cover the bowl slid close to the sides of the bowl, pulling away as if on a sliding track.Something on the back of the racket?They turned the racket over and sure enough there were two melon seeds with magnets on the back!That’s all it is!Originally, WHEN I was a child heard the board scraping bowl edge hiss, is the trader in the secret!Seeing here, I was shocked, like being undressed pants general angry shame: this almost changed my life bet, turned out to be just a few melon seeds with magnets, and the principle behind it, is ubiquitous magnet toys.And the last game “guess 38”, is also under the table magnetic mechanism.The result of Jia Ling’s game is like a miniature, just like what the gambling expert said: ten bet nine cheat, want to be in the game of others, all will lose in the end without exception, not to mention there are accomplices beside the fire, cheat the family to ruin is not rare.The so-called “small gambling happy, big gambling injury, not gambling to win”, do not participate in will not lose, do not bet is the real winner.In recent years, the country held high the banner of “anti-fraud”, as the king of variety “Trump card to Trump card” responded to the call, in the second phase of all the introduction of anti-fraud elements, from the game to popular science, so that the audience is familiar with the deception also know the harm of gambling.In fact, as the ratings trump card to trump card development to the seventh season, has detached from the pursuit of flow, and instead shoulder the responsibility of cultural science and conduction of values.This thick shoulder, in the new season can be reflected more.For example, in the first issue, Trump card versus Trump Card takes “Song Dynasty culture” as the anchor point, especially inviting professionals from various fields to provide the audience with hilarious entertainment while quietly popularizing song Dynasty culture.Soldiers are paid according to their height, Sima Guang hitting a VAT is a fictional story, people in the Song Dynasty would play “flying flower ling” after drinking, like to masturbate cats, etc…The second phase is “anti-fraud”, and the third is “wuxia”, which leads the audience to review the misty and swordlike world of wuxia.Each issue has a new Angle, which is both humorous and entertaining, not only to laugh but also to learn.No wonder the seventh season of Trump card versus Trump Card has been broadcast for more than 30 days. Since its inception, it has dropped to the top of the heat list and continued to this day, and no one can match it.Trump card, sure enough