Video | Yueyang: Guard checkpoints weave dense epidemic “protection net”

2022-05-29 0 By

Rednet moment Yueyang February 3 news (reporter Zhang Xiaojin correspondent Yuan Zijie) “Hello, please wear a mask, and show health code.”In the morning, reporters came to dongting car west station, see at the entrance, ticket gate and other positions, are arranged for staff to passengers temperature monitoring, information registration and inspection two yards.And set up isolation monitoring points at the exit of the station.It is understood that dongting bus west station is mainly home returnees in the province, the average daily flow of more than 1700 people during the Spring Festival travel rush.The passenger flow of Spring Festival transportation is increasing.Dongting car west station also arranged daily staff on the corridor, toilet and other public places to eliminate, to ensure the safety of passengers travel.Yueyang Lou District Changhong Road community deputy secretary Tao Dan said dongting bus station seriously implement the district epidemic prevention headquarters policy.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the epidemic prevention and control work should be carried out at three stops.Changhong Road community united Station, do, do, do strict epidemic prevention work.We will continue to do a good job in the publicity of epidemic prevention and control, increase the manpower for epidemic prevention and control, strictly guard all links, guard every checkpoint, and do a good job in monitoring the health of passengers.