Shanwei to release 2021 national economic and social development statistical bulletin

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On March 28, Shanwei Statistics Bureau released the statistical Bulletin of Shanwei National Economic and Social Development in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the “Bulletin”) on Shanwei Daily, and simultaneously pushed it on shanwei People’s Government website, “Shanwei People’s Government” official account and Shanwei Statistical Information network.It provides convenient services for all sectors of society to quickly obtain the latest, most comprehensive and most authoritative statistical data.The full text of the Communique is divided into 12 parts, from the aspects of economy, culture, education, health, people’s life, ecological environment, social undertakings and so on, through detailed data and concise charts, comprehensively and objectively show the new progress and achievements of shanwei’s economic and social development in 2021.Provide rich and accurate data information for all walks of life to further understand shanwei economic and social development.Compared with last year’s communique, indicators reflecting economic and social development such as six high-energy-consuming industries and basic information of telecommunications were added this year, and the statistical coverage and expression of education and social security were standardized, while the supplementary contents were optimized and supplemented.As the tourism data of 2021 has not been reported yet, the bulletin cancellations the tourism data.Since the publication of the Bulletin, the Municipal Bureau of Statistics has attached great importance to optimizing the compilation work from the aspects of scientific deployment, multi-party cooperation, quality improvement and rich content to ensure the release of the Bulletin as scheduled.First, scientific overall planning, compaction responsibility.The comprehensive Accounting Department takes the lead and professional departments cooperate with each other. In other words, the Comprehensive Accounting Department is responsible for the collection, review and collation of data of relevant departments, and each professional department is responsible for the review and provision of data of its own specialty.Second, strengthen multilateral coordination and cooperation.Timely communicate and cooperate with relevant functional departments, strengthen joint cooperation, collect and summarize relevant statistical data, and make it rich in content and full of data.Third, strict audit, improve quality.Implement the data reporting and review mechanism, strictly control the quality of data, adhere to the principle of multiple reviews for one draft, check at various levels, ensure that the average number of data is based on the data, and strive to release data information “zero error”.Fourth, broaden the dimensions and highlight real results.Full attention is paid to the structure of the bulletin and the logic of the manuscript, and it strives to show the actual level of shanwei’s economic and social development in 2021 in an all-round and multi-dimensional way.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: