Park + 1!Changsha adds another good place for leisure and play

2022-05-29 0 By

Changsha Kaifu Cultural Park is basically completed and will soon open!Reproduce “sixteen scenes of ancient Kaifu Temple”!The reporter learned from the Shantytown reconstruction Company of Changsha Kaifu District that the construction of the new Kaifu cultural Park is nearing the end, and it is basically ready to open the park.With the arrival of spring, the park is full of green and will become a good place for leisure and play integrating ecological landscape, historical and cultural features.Changsha Kaifu Cultural Park is located in the south of Sany Avenue and west of Huangxing North Road. With Kaifu Temple and Xinhe Old Street as the core, it creates ecological landscape area and historical cultural area, and integrates leisure corridor, pavilion and other public buildings with nature. The park also restores the original sixteen scenes of Kaifu Temple.In addition to the park, the project also expands and improves the quality of the surrounding roads such as Xinhe Road, and takes advantage of the opportunity of building a historical footpath in Xinhe Old Street to carry out urban organic renewal of the surrounding area.The whole park is expected to be fully completed and opened in the near future to improve the quality of life of surrounding residents.Source: Micro kaifu, New Hunan, Mango city editor: Release flood situation in Hunan AD 1 remind!Landscape pavilion like a graveyard?Changsha, a community owners angry developers “sellers show” pit!Big change!It’s about buying medicine!Are you “watching” me