No amount of clothes can be worn!Learn to “wear more than one outfit” to be more stylish

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Hi, fairies, hello!Every season, many fairies, can not help but buy buy buy, to tell the truth, no matter how many clothes to buy, not matching is useless!If you are worried about how to match, then you might as well learn to “wear more than one dress” method, this way of wearing, but very practical, can help you save a lot of clothes, but also make your dress more stylish, next to follow to take a look!Left: In the spring and summer season, say what also can’t lack a romantic floral dress, do you think?Like this one green floral dress, wear really will reduce the age and girl.The design of bubble sleeve, add skirt of irregular agaric edge to place clipping, showing detail feeling everywhere, at the foot chose a pair of boots in canker to match, be like feeling of some contravention, but accident however is good looking, do not have a taste, be not?Right: two ways to wear a dress, and then look at the demonstration on the right, combined with the cowboy short sleeve coat to match, is also a very novel way to wear, right?It’s a lot more head-turning when you go out in summer!② Pink bubble sleeve dress left: so show pink dress, who put on is not a fairy?Shallow light pink, really do not pick skin color, belong to everyone can control the color department.The design of bubble sleeve, more add lovely and reduce age, add the version with moderate width, what small belly, waist thick defect was hidden.Foot deserves to go up at will a pair of gules sheet shoe can, pink and gules combination, still quite deserve.Right: will see the demonstration on the right again, the foot chose a pair of color and the sneaker that skirt is very close to, still use a silk scarf to undertake ornament on the head, increased delicate for whole modelling easily spend.Left: in summer, it is the season to wear short-sleeve, like such a white printed short-sleeve T-shirt, or pretty versatile, plus loose clothing body version, I believe that a lot of bodies can be controlled!In the collocation, the lower body no matter match skirt, or trousers can be.Creamy-yellow wide-leg trousers go well with a white T-shirt.Right: In addition to choosing the pants on the left to match, you can also match jeans, washed light blue jeans straight pants, crisp pants, wear very thin hide meat, the key is to lengthen the leg line between invisible.④ Khaki short-sleeved suit jacket left: all say that the suit jacket is very serious, but also more formal, that is why you do not understand the collocation, look at this khaki short-sleeved suit jacket two different wear method, where there is inflexient and rigorous?It’s light khaki. It brings out the skin, right?I chose a plain dress to match, and the softness of the skirt just neutralizes the rigor of the suit.Right: compared to the left wear method, the right collocation is more a few trends and personality, take waist stripe small vest, summer will wear so is very relaxed, what the lower body matches is a wash of shallow blue jeans straight pants, reduce age and do not break cool and handsome fan!⑤ Yellow long-sleeved shirt left: no matter how many clothes will not match is also useless, if you are tired of white shirt, then you might as well try this color department, the saturation is not too high yellow long-sleeved shirt, wear really line skin color, but also very white!Loose version, on the back also brings a casual casual style, choose white pleated skirt to match, elegant and do not lose temperament.Right: If you don’t like to match skirts, then choose trousers to match, washed light denim blue straight pants, and yellow shirt to match, is really super refreshing combination.To add sophistication to your look, tie a small scarf around your neck like this hipster did to make it look classy!⑥ White long-sleeve shirt left: quite a sense of design of a white shirt, not a classic lapel, deep V collar design, wear up to modify the neck line, but also set off the small face.The bottom outfit chose a wash light blue jeans straight pants to match, white and blue combination of jeans, really super relaxed.Right: different from the left, the jeans that the right lower body matches have a deviation in color. The jeans with blue straight pants with slightly deeper jeans can set off the clean white shirt.The red bag in hand became the highlight of the whole outfit.In spring, wearing a sweater is the most appropriate, look at such a light pink sweater, so low saturation color, wear really too line skin tone and show white.Excellent sense of detail processing, the lower body with a washed jeans straight pants, the whole person looks very pink, girlish style!Right: see the right wear method again, compared with the left wear build, right lower body choose is a black broken hole cowboy straight tube pants, black pants and knit unlined upper garment black edge undertook echo, so show individual character does not break feminine taste dress up, like go to school rise!Conclusion: Ok, that’s all for Lily’s sharing today. Thank you fairies for your careful reading.No amount of clothes can be worn!Learn to “wear more than one dress”, more stylish!