Just now, the US Navy confirmed!Us F-35 fighter jet crashes into South China Sea video is real, experts say

2022-05-29 0 By

According to CCTV news, the US Navy on Sunday confirmed that a video of a US F-35 fighter jet crashing into the South China Sea while landing on the deck of the AIRCRAFT carrier USS Carl Vinson is real, adding that the release of the video was not authorized.According to media reports, the latest video, apparently a remake of a surveillance camera, was recorded at 16:31:20 on January 24.In the video, the fighter jet grows from small to large as it prepares to land on the carrier’s deck. “Abort landing and go around!” it shouts 27 seconds later.Just three seconds later, the rear part of the aircraft slammed into the deck, destroying the left landing gear, then skidded sideways and turned into a fireball before plunging off the runway into the sea.Seven people were injured, including the pilot and six others on the ship’s deck.Navy officials say the video was released without authorization and the military is investigating.For a long time, in the name of “freedom of navigation and overflight”, the US military has frequently sent aircraft carriers and other advanced weapons platforms to show force and stir up trouble in the South China Sea. This has seriously threatened regional national security, exacerbated regional tensions and affected navigation safety in the South China Sea.According to huanqiu.com, the recent incident of a US F-35 fighter jet falling into the sea continues to attract attention.A video of an F-35C from the USS Carl Vinson falling into the sea has been leaked, according to an article published by the U.S. Dynamics website Theater Channel on Monday.According to the report, from the Angle of the video, it comes from the PILOT landing auxiliary TV camera of the USS Carl Vinson and another view of the carrier’s island.Video footage shows the landing f-35C descending toward the carrier’s deck at an unusual speed. The landing officer can be heard screaming in terror as he attempts to radio the pilot to abort the landing and go around.The video shows the rear part of the F-35C slamming into the deck, crushing the main landing gear with the force of the impact, before the aircraft ricosots across the deck and starts skidding and being engulfed in flames.According to more details provided by the latest video, a source told the Global Times that it can be inferred from the two released videos that the accident was most likely caused by pilot error rather than aircraft malfunction.Source: National Business News CCTV news, huanqiu Daily Business News