In order to escape dating, Anhui boy from the second floor down, netizens: understand the painstaking parents

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Many young people don’t want to get married these days for many reasons, either because of the high betrothal price or because they want to prolong their comfortable single life.However, parents are always worried that their sons won’t be able to find a wife and their daughters won’t be able to find a husband, so they will arrange blind dates as soon as possible.In this regard, some young people understand their parents’ good intentions, and even if they do not want to, they will go on blind dates to make their parents happy.However, some young people are stubborn and resist this arrangement, and try every means to avoid dating.There is a young man in Fuyang, Anhui province, who has been working in other places. After a trip home, he took off the pressure of work and prepared to have a good rest for a few days.I didn’t expect his parents to see him go home alone, without his girlfriend, so angry that they didn’t want to talk to him.They began holding family meetings in the living room on the second floor to arrange a blind date for him.The young man had a reluctant look on his face and said nothing about dating.His father was so annoyed that he locked up the house and refused to let him go out. Then he asked a matchmaker to bring girls to his house to meet.The young man’s head is big, he has not seen that woman’s photo, in the mind feel that all blind date girls are basically crooked melon crack dates, no one will blind date, so he did not want to blind date.After thinking about it, he fell down from the second floor balcony in order to escape the blind date.It’s too dangerous!There is a small house under his balcony, the roof is not far from the balcony, but it is very dangerous to fall down with your bare hands.Just his cousin came to his house to pay a New Year’s visit, also dare not call him, for fear that he would be scared to fall out, so silently took out a mobile phone, he turned over the balcony downstairs process took down.The young man managed to escape by jumping off the balcony and onto the roof of the small house.The young man turned over the road with ease, so this kind of downstairs should be more than once, had rich experience.When the incident hit the Internet, it soon sparked heated discussion among netizens.Many netizens think that the young man did the right thing. Nowadays, society encourages free love, and the young man wants to make his own decisions in life instead of being arranged by others.As parents, we should respect his wishes and not force him to arrange a blind date, which is a bit like arranged marriage in ancient times. Even if the young man finally marries under pressure, he may not be happy.But there are also many people think that the young man did wrong, first of all, this way of escape from the second floor is very dangerous, in case of accident how to do?In fact, the young man should be considerate of his parents.It is said that “there are three ways of being unfilial, namely, having no children is the greatest”. Parents also hope that their sons can settle down as soon as possible. What is wrong with this?If a guy doesn’t like being set up on a blind date by his family, then he can find a girlfriend and bring her home, so that everyone will be happy.But he himself can not find a girlfriend, and do not want to find a date, his parents are not worried.In fact, I think as a family, we should communicate more. Parents should fully understand why their son is not willing to date, and try to dispel his concerns.The son should also be considerate of his parents, try to get married early, do not let them worry.If they can not find a girlfriend, then listen to the arrangement of the family, as long as more blind date a few times, always meet their favorite girl, has been escape is not the way.Wen/Ace big master