Huanggu police in Shenyang, Liaoning province, carry out anti-fraud propaganda activities

2022-05-29 0 By

Rule of law Daily all media reporter Han Yu in order to further enhance the area of anti-fraud awareness of the masses, effectively protect the safety of the masses’ property, recently, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province public Security Bureau Huanggu branch sandongqiao police station organized police, auxiliary police in-depth anti-fraud propaganda activities.In the activity, the police combined with typical cases, to the masses in detail to explain the means of telecom network fraud characteristics and fraud prevention skills.At the same time, the police also simulated the crime of suspects through the scene, teaching the masses how to deal with fraud phone calls, text messages and information, effectively protect their own interests from damage.Later, the police also instructed the scene people to install and register the “National Anti-fraud center” App, and issued a New Year desk calendar printed with anti-fraud knowledge and the “National Anti-fraud center” App QR code.The scene of the masses of sandongqiao police station anti-fraud propaganda have praised, said to firmly guard their “money bag”, not to the opportunity for fraudsters.