“Eat chicken” month fall hero quartermaster first look, ancient fairy with general, mall point coupons direct sale

2022-05-29 0 By

Hello, everyone, welcome to “Chicken News News” started by Xiaoyu Gan, experienced a weekend without new quartermaster, I believe that many players began to “itch”, anyway, xiaoyu Gan himself is feeling a little unaccustomed.But in fact, photon is not “run out of ideas”, on the contrary, photon directly into the client added dozens of new skins, including a variety of types of quartermaster.This day, photon also added a direct sale of the ancient style of new munitions.Topic of this issue: The direct sale of military supplies finally came, the ancient style series men and women “two in one”, earn big!This time the new quartermaster, named “Moonfall Thunder”, this is a direct sale of point coupons quartermaster, so only a purple quality suit.First came the women’s suit, which looked like a fairy in a luxurious gold dress.This suit is also a rare antique series recently. The hair is white, and the overall design is ok, but there is no special bright spot, which is somewhat similar to the suit that has been launched before.Men’s suit is the shape of a general, I feel this suit is still some bright spots, the body armor tightly, the decoration on the head is also very high, the whole looks very powerful and domineous.In fact, as a direct sales suit, this men and women’s “two in one” design, or relative conscience, equivalent to spending 1 point coupons can get 2 clothes, is simply “earn big”, I do not know how we think this suit?There are a total of two gun skin, currently only the name of photon in the client, the model has not been made, can only say that photon is now the appetite of players or “skill”.The two gun skins are M416 and SLR, M416 is also a “regular” gun skin, although SLR is also liked by some players, but its refresh rate is too low, there is not much opportunity to use the skin.In terms of helmet skin, the overall model of the three helmets has not changed much, but the added decoration of the series is obvious.All three helmets have red hair bunches, which look nice, but this design has been used in previous armaments.Fortunately, this is a direct munitions sale, so players can choose to buy it or not.Backpack skin, 3 bags have obvious mold changes, but I feel they are quite ordinary, even can be said to be the quality of clothing coins, if it is still 1280 points, there is no need to buy.In fact, from the appearance of the helmet and backpack skin, you can roughly guess what the skin of the gun looks like, almost like this ancient design, there should be black, gold, red elements.Finally, the skin of the parachute, the long parachute printed with an unknown pattern, personal feeling is very general.At present, there is no model and name for the backpack pendant, and I don’t know whether it will be launched in the end.Generally speaking, this set of quartermaster has not been released for some time, so it is up to players to buy it or not. If there is no accident, this set of quartermaster should be released on February 25, please look forward to it!So above is this period “eat chicken news quick news” all content, original hand dozen is not easy, give small fish dry point praise again walk!Can you see the mysterious black cat little sister behind the change