Winter Olympic delegation “full red chan”, Gu Ailing into delegation pet, the People’s Daily issued a statement of praise

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With a grand opening ceremony and spectacular fireworks, the Beijing Winter Olympics finally opened, with the eyes of the world fixed on the capital of the Eastern nation.Under the circumstances of the world’s attention, the Holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics can be said to be in a million, many people on the Internet are discussing the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, they are the ancient Chinese culture to conquer.Chinese Internet users were also shocked by the appearance of the athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics, who were so impressive and dashing.One athlete on the stage at the Beijing Winter Olympics is the most eye-catching. She is Gu Ailing, born in 2003.The age of 19, she in the ice and snow sports arena, has obtained the achievement very much, she is also the likeliest of the Chinese delegation to win more titles of genius girl, in the past for a period of time, there are so many advertisers, agencies, morning GuAiLing is hope can with the propagation force and influence of GuAiLing, play out their brand reputation.Gu Has a wonderful life history. We can know that Gu Started skiing when she was 3 years old and joined the professional ski team when she was 8 years old. Gu was very studious when she was young, and she was not afraid of suffering or losing.According to gu Ailing’s friends, when she was young, she showed her unyielding character.Since taking up ice and snow sports, Gu has emerged on the international stage and has become a favorite of the Chinese delegation and a favorite for gold and silver at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Like the cicada that broke world records and won Olympic gold at the Tokyo Olympics, Gu Is a walking mascot wherever she goes.A lot of people are very fond of this young, active, lively, up girls, we can clearly see from the picture, GuAiLing go, have a lot of people around her photos, on the Internet, she has inspired millions of fans, many people are looking at this time of the winter Olympics, GuAiLing to win MEDALS?Back in January 2021, gu, at the age of 18, competed in her first WORLD X Games and won two gold MEDALS in halfpipe and slopestyle, as well as a bronze medal on the platform.Two months later, Gu returned to the freestyle skiing World Championships with an injury and went on to win two gold MEDALS and one bronze, which was a perfect replica of her medal record in January.It was these two competitions that introduced the national audience to this talented young girl!People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other mainstream media have reprinted stories about Gu, and even issued special propaganda to praise the talented girl.In early December 2021, Gu Set a remarkable record by becoming the first female athlete to complete a 1440 degree somersaults in a competition, clinching her first World Cup title on the platform.It is worth mentioning that this action Gu Ailing only learned three weeks will be, with a shot in Tokyo and red chan, is also in the game before the start of learning technology, thus visible, Gu Ailing is also a genius girl!I hope our talented girl will do well in the Beijing Olympics this time.2022 # # ice and snow