The ball at the foot is the king of the field, Messi icing on the cake!Angel shot, Argentina win 3-0

2022-05-28 0 By

High-profile 2022 World Cup in Qatar have become increasingly close, which means the continents of the World Cup qualifiers into the finale of the last, as in the past to be the king of the world football more than 10 years, Lionel messi and ronaldo, the fate of the World Cup is different, cristiano ronaldo leading Portugal also need through the play-offs to shock the World Cup, but they win in Turkey,The main competitor and knocked out by dark horse north Macedonia in Italy, it also greatly increases the probability of that cristiano ronaldo available in Qatar, by contrast, Lionel messi has completed the task of quota for the World Cup, under his leadership, the pampas eagle Argentina qualify from South America area, already make them as the rest of the World Cup qualifier win this lost its meaning.But as South America strongmen and becomes the americas cup, any game, win is the goal of Argentina, in the game, they encountered in venezuela, the two sides living preliminaries had seven meetings, Argentina 6 wins and a draw unbeaten, open after the game, under the leadership of the Lionel messi, Argentina was completely control the initiative,Argentina beat Venezuela 3-0 at home thanks to goals from Gonzalez, di Maria and Messi.Two teams on the overall strength of the large gap is visible to the naked eye, the game had started firmly to Argentina possession in their own hands, venezuela throughout the game players, only in the pursuit of the ball to run for a long time, their possession only poor X %, and Argentina has also proved that the attack is the best form of defence,In the game only to venezuela completed X shots, no one to play in the range of door frame, and Argentina have lock in place and don’t do our best, still shot opportunities created X times, although opponents pose five defender’s defensive system, but the pampas eagle still have X shots hit the woodwork.The Argentine bombarded the first 35 minutes, finally paid off, the defensive mis-kicked it, for their continuous pressure on aris especially positive rob, let the right DE Paul sent a cross after the ball into the box, middle to follow gonzalez capped, help pampas eagle broke the deadlock on the field,Di Maria’s lob from the top of the area sealed the 2-0 win in the 79th minute of the second half, and Messi made it 3-0 in the 82nd minute when he met di Maria’s lob pass with a right-footed shot that missed the target but also sailed past the keeper.The play of the game to limit of messi, and venezuela also willing to use aggressively defensive actions, 11 minutes navarro is messi turned to false action after shaking, raised his arm to down directly, 16 minutes messi and under more than double the defense, to plug in Mr Correa straight out, but the latter’s shot was off,33 minutes messi midfield after the ball, and then send out strong penetrability of passing for Mr Correa, whose shot was goalkeeper saved again, after the second half open, Lionel messi is still very active, venezuela could only use foul to stop him, the 69th minute to play in the macy’s support legs, directly to put down it has caused the Argentine discontent and protest.Lionel messi in this season after joining a greater, his personal performance has not reached the anticipated, this and he did not have the absolute possession has a lot to do, after the return to Argentina, messi once again became the team’s offensive core, the whole team’s offense was more smooth after around him, this is also a lot of fans have possession of Lionel messi said niu,To be able to play like a king, hopefully Paris will learn how to use Messi!