Stargate’s excused chapters are better than its main chapters because the fan reviews are so funny

2022-05-28 0 By

The novel about the Eagle eating the chicken is not very funny, but it has a lot of humor, especially the language style of the Eagle is casual and down-to-earth.Therefore, the eagle’s novels always have a kind of look than the text but not directly invincible flow of feeling, very one breath of impulse to read.This “star gate” still continues the style of eagle’s past works, there is blood in humor, there is cool feeling in wisdom battle, plus the word number of old eagle update, greatly magnified such cool feeling.This is probably why the eagle was able to become a god.However, after watching all the chapters of Stargate, sometimes the leave chapters are better than the main chapters, for no other reason than the fan reviews are so funny!Of course, the Eagle is actually very good at mobilizing fans’ emotions, even if it is not enough to ask for leave reasons, from the eagle, fans will not be upset and regret.I don’t know why, this time the Eagle and Elbow son’s new book competition so fierce, but from the overall situation, the Eagle’s “stargate” or the advantage.It’s funny enough that fans can connect the two gods under the circumstances.And, I don’t know if you noticed one of the old eagles’ sayings, they always like to say, “Eagles are great.”Brag type trigger topic this move, the eagle is really used to perfection.For example, the chapter of asking for leave during the New Year period, eagle nifty fans have more terriers!In short, read the eagle’s novel, will feel relaxed and comfortable and cool point full, even if the plot a little water, also does not interfere with the overall situation.It can only be said that the Eagle understands the psychology of most young book lovers too well.What do you think of this new book by the Eagle?