Perfect World mobile games immerse players in the next generation fantasy continent

2022-05-28 0 By

Perfect World creates a sub-age fantasy continent where players of the contemplative are free to explore the world.They can not only fly all over the country by aircraft, but also roam the deep sea.Seamlessly connected, the map reveals a wondrous world of wonders.This sincere battle experience is also enjoyed by those who seek to become stronger.This time, the cross-border link between games and cultural tourism is also a new step in the development of digital industry.As the explorers of the digital culture creative industry, perfect world before mobile travel has developed a explore the practical course of the game and cross-border cultural, considering the diversity of traditional culture and modern culture – 2019 cross-border collaboration with the weifang kite, let’s most distinctive “ShaYan kites into the game,” has become a new vitality in the game;It also cooperates with China Aerospace To include aircraft and spacesuits in the game to help young people understand contemporary China and aerospace culture;In 2020, we will join hands with DJI Dajiang to break through the “science and technology circle” and let players feel the true meaning of “flying” between the vast world.