Leakage in the entrance and exit channels of multiple stations of Guiyang Metro Line 2

2022-05-28 0 By

“Guiyang metro Line 2 has several stations of import and export channels, there are different degrees of water leakage phenomenon…”Recently afternoon, Miss Huang, a citizen of Guiyang, called the hotline 96811 to report: the site water leakage affects the normal travel of passengers, hope that the relevant departments as soon as possible to take measures to identify the cause and solve the existing problems.According to the public reflection of the situation, the reporter came to Guiyang subway line 2 of many water leakage spot interview.Yan ‘an West road station water leakage phenomenon is relatively serious, and Zi Lin ‘an station water leakage has affected the normal passage of passengers, fountain station is almost a piece of water leakage, is a number of water leakage stations in the area of the largest one station.Yan ‘an West Road station to zaoshan Road water leakage fountain station water leakage area is the largest “tick, tick, one used to pick up water in the bucket, kept splashing…”Reporters at the scene to see, in the face of the leaking channel, the staff has used buckets or POTS to receive water, put the “carefully slide” sign.According to the reporter’s observation, water droplets leaked from the ceiling of the passage.”The water has been leaking for some time. A few days ago, when we passed by the pedestrian passageway of the subway station, we found the water leaking, but we don’t know why,” said a worker at Zilinan station.Citizen Miss Huang said.The reporter learned that the phenomenon of water leakage is a recent occurrence, the public and subway station staff are not clear about the cause of water leakage, only to wait for the relevant departments to carry out professional investigation, clear the cause of water leakage before taking measures to deal with.”When I was passing the subway channel of Guiyang Fountain, several large drops of water suddenly leaked on my phone.”Liu said she hoped to deal with the leakage problem as soon as possible, which not only affected people’s travel, but also damaged the clean and beautiful image of Guiyang metro.The reporter called guiyang municipal government service hotline 12345, the operator made a detailed registration said that the existing problems will be transferred to the relevant departments in a timely manner, please relevant departments to find out the cause of water leakage and repair as soon as possible, so that the phenomenon of water leakage can be solved as soon as possible.Source: Guizhou Metropolis Daily