“Green Sea Party flag red” “Two Excellent and One First” style “Party construction leads development performance highlights responsibility

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“With careful design, everything will be better.”This is the common aspiration of the staff of heilongjiang Forestry Design And Research Institute traffic Survey and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as the three hospitals).Their footprints through the north and south, through the mountains and rivers, through the heat and rain and snow test, collect scientific, detailed, accurate data, just to do a good traffic survey and design.In their hearts, “listen to the party’s command, pragmatic, diligent in business, quality first, quality service” is a commitment, but also a responsibility.”If you want to be rich, build roads first.”Whether in rural revitalization or urban construction, road construction is especially important.Collect scientific, detailed and accurate data from the scene, and then use design drawings to present the routes, roadbed, road surface, bridge and tunnel, budget and other aspects involved in the future regional development of the road. Each work of traffic survey and design personnel is crucial.Over the years, the people of the Three hospitals have stayed true to their original aspiration and worked hard to keep the party flag flying, fortress building and party members on the front line in their projects, constantly demanding themselves as qualified party members.They actively participate in the forest road construction, the cumulative completion of longjiang forest industry, Yichun forest industry, greater Hinggan Mountains forest industry survey and design projects of more than 300.The national standard “Forest Fire Prevention Road Design Code” has been completed and reported.When the reform of the “pathfinder” forest transformation and development process, the three hospitals through in-depth development of standardized party branch construction, shoulder the main responsibility, do a good job of the main business, the whole chapter system, do a good job of service, strengthen supervision, standardize operation, give full play to the role of the party branch, to create a creative, cohesion, fighting collective.For more than ten years, the three hospitals adhere to market orientation, steadily expand market share, adhere to quality control, and create a good reputation in the industry.Survey and design footprints all over Harbin, Hegang, Shuangyashan, Jiamusi, Heihe in Heilongjiang Province, Ashan, Hulun Buir in Inner Mongolia, Huizhou in Guangdong Province, Dalian in Liaoning province and other cities, a total of more than 600 consulting, survey and design projects.In the spring of 2020, in the face of the sudden epidemic, the third Hospital became the first unit in HEILONGJIANG Forestry Design and Research Institute to resume work and production under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control.In that year, we broke through the dilemma of poor overall market environment and won the bid for 2 infrastructure construction projects of Qingshan Industrial Park and Summer City Tourism Industrial Park in Harbin New District, with a total investment of nearly 10 billion yuan.At the same time, the institute actively participated in the construction of Harbin New Area, contracted the construction of the Branch of Harbin New Area, settled in the administrative office building of The Design Center of Harbin New Area, and became a member of the thinking tank team of Harbin New Area construction and development, making outstanding contributions to the brand construction and municipal qualification construction of the institute.Source | heilongjiang forestry press | Zhang Chenghao Li Jiachen coordinating editor | Wang Chang