Baiyin strengthens security work at training sites for the Winter Olympics

2022-05-28 0 By

Chinese New Year on February 3rd grade, baiyin public security bureau supervision inspection national paralympic winter cross-country skiing and winter training two team based security work, has the supervision inspection silver state snow project training base, the waters 䃎 law enforcement service station, G338 checkpoints and petuntse overrun checkpoint south of the city, mountain highway traffic police brigade HeXiQuan high-speed traffic police brigade,And visited the line of duty police auxiliary police.Baiyin city, as one of the training bases of winter Paralympic Games, has great responsibility and far-reaching significance. It is a major political task to do security work well.Territory of the public security organ must with the highest standard, the most solid move pays special attention to the implement of security and epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthen the responsibility to bear prominent focus, strict specialize men post responsibility, work closely guard measures, ensure the safety of the compound accommodation environment for athletes, coaches and related staff to create a good training environment.During the Spring Festival of road traffic safety management and epidemic prevention and control work, and responsibility of the public security organs to the system master travel traffic safety situation, focus on problems, strengthen the countermeasure research, do their emergency preparedness, for the upcoming passenger flow, logistics, traffic and the rain and snow weather, all-round implement risk screening and hidden dangers rectification, plugging point of governance, such as illegal punishment measures,We will do our best to ensure traffic security during the Spring Festival travel rush.At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen care and support, coordinate police resources, deploy duties scientifically, arrange rest shifts reasonably, further implement logistics support, allocate protective materials, and help auxiliary police to solve practical difficulties, so as to maintain the strong morale and lasting combat effectiveness of the team.Issued: Gansu Province Public Security Department political Department publicity Editor: West Yan Danyang