The “transfer from private to public” may be a foregone conclusion, where should private school teachers go?Three options are available for reference

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Knowledge changes destiny, has always been deeply rooted in the hearts of students, and as a teacher of preaching, has a vital responsibility.In recent years, China’s education system has been constantly adjusted and improved in order to provide students with better education.For example, the introduction of the “double reduction” policy and the addition of the subject of the high school entrance examination have all promoted the quality education, but also laid a good foundation for the diversified development of students.Do not lose at the starting line, many times have become the “heart of the devil” parents, and in order to achieve such a goal, parents spare no effort to buy school district housing, and choose good reputation and high enrollment rate of private schools, so is to give students a good education?It has to be said that quality education is advocated in public schools, and students can develop better in an all-round way while reducing their burden.Private schools, on the other hand, need to secure admission rates to attract more parents and talented students.Do parents choose private schools for better development or to ensure enrollment rate?Compared with state schools, private schools do have advantages in many ways, otherwise they would not be favored by parents at all.First, the management mode of private schools can be called military management, which can help students develop good learning and living habits and make full use of their time, paving the way for their future admission to key high schools and universities.Secondly, in order to guarantee the teaching quality and enrollment rate, private schools hire most teachers from famous schools, which can not only make their own brand loud, but also satisfy their parents. After all, they choose private schools for admission.Many parents believe that the quality of teachers in public schools is uneven, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of teachers.In fact, not all students can go to private schools.It should be noted that its main enrollment mode is selective enrollment, cross-regional selective enrollment and early enrollment, etc. It can be said that it has high requirements on the quality of students, even if they are from a good family, they may not be qualified to enter private schools.It has to be said that such enrollment model for students to receive education fair and just hidden trouble, but also triggered a hot discussion among netizens and parents.In order to ensure the normal enrollment of public schools, private schools will be subject to strict inspection, and some private schools will be converted to public schools. Where will the teachers from private schools go?There are three options to consider.Is “public transfer” a foregone conclusion?When a private school goes public, it can be said that there is a two-way choice between the school and the teacher. If they agree on all aspects, the teacher can stay on.If faced with elimination, can apply for compensation to find another job.However, for teachers who remain, there will be a certain gap in salary, after all, the salary of private schools are relatively high.However, it is worth mentioning that teachers who remain can take the establishment examination to become official staff.In addition, some of the teachers in the schools are so competent that they will naturally attract the attention of leaders of other private schools.If I am valued, I will play my advantages in other schools, which is also worth considering.You know, private teachers are all about grades, and the competition is only going to be more intense, and it’s going to be very demanding for older teachers, so even the choice has to be considered.Another option is that older teachers who have paid social security for 15 years can apply for early retirement.I have to say, the treatment is also very human.Those who have made contributions to the field of education, have been in high pressure and high intensity of the job, can retire early to enjoy life, is also a very good choice, private teachers should make early preparation in order to reduce the loss.This is the status quo of many education workers, should be respected and understood a lot of times, we all think that the work of teachers is very easy, but only really engaged in the work of teachers, to understand the sadness and helplessness behind.Nowadays, education is highly valued by parents, especially teachers in public schools.In addition, the competition in the teaching industry has become more and more fierce since the people’s transfer to public service, and teachers are also in a state of high pressure.If parents can understand and respect the teacher’s efforts and efforts, then all of this will be worth it.But teachers are often blamed and denied if they fail to meet parents’ demands.We should know that education needs the cooperation between home and school. Only with sufficient respect and trust for teachers can parents give correct guidance and help to students and better enable students to develop in an all-round way.In my opinion, everything has two sides, no matter public school or private school, both have their advantages and disadvantages. How should parents choose or teach according to their aptitude?After the transfer of some private schools to public institutions, teachers’ work will also be affected to a certain extent. We should make early plans to avoid unemployment.At the same time, we also hope that parents can give teachers more understanding and respect, and actively cooperate with teachers to complete the teaching tasks of students.What advice do you have for teachers who want to become public servants?Feel free to share in the comments section below!Pictures are from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete!For more of our highlights, check out Mama Cass