The strictest online car-hailing regulations in history

2022-05-27 0 By

According to media reports on February 15, the Ministry of Transport and other eight government departments jointly revised and issued a notice on strengthening the pre-event and post-event joint supervision of the whole chain of online booking taxi industry.The content of the notice is quite long, from which the following three aspects can be sorted out: first, strengthen the management of the whole process of online ride-hailing.There are no blind spots in all-round management, from access to operation to supervision, standardizing the online car-hailing service process and implementing the responsibilities of all parties.Two, do not permit the driver and the vehicle without the operation license.This regulation has the biggest impact on drivers. Online ride-hailing friends, who used to be able to earn extra money at any time, are not able to do so this time. Drivers must obtain a taxi license to operate, and their vehicles must also have an operation license.To the regular taxi is a major good, lack of market competition, can DORA work to improve income.In fact, the majority of passengers is also good, after all, there is a guarantee.Third, strengthen supervision and punishment for companies and individuals that fail to comply with regulations.To put it bluntly, unlicensed cars and companies that violate regulations should be strictly supervised and loopholes plugged.The highest penalty, the company app removed, stop operation.From these three aspects, the second one has the greatest impact, which restricts many drivers from engaging in online car-hailing services. They need to get a certificate.In short, ride-hailing services will become more standardized, and the disorderly competition will be curbed, so that the interests of drivers, passengers and companies will be guaranteed.