Purdue Tech CEO apologizes for insulting employees two years ago Purdue Will compensate employees in the future

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On February 16, a weibo user named “Wang Lubei” revealed that the CEO of Purdue Technology scolded his employees in the company group for receiving red envelopes without giving them a thumbs up.Screenshots of the group chat show Purdue CEO Tao Zhang Posting a promotional video for the product, followed by a red envelope.After some employees did not like the video after receiving the red envelope, Zhang Tao scolded them in the group and asked those who did not like the video to return the red envelope.In addition, Zhang Tao also posted derogatory remarks about his friends in the group.On the afternoon of February 17, a number of weibo users published an internal letter from Purdue CEO Zhang Tao on the matter.According to the screenshot, zhang explains things wrong: why is that, two years ago the company launched a new product, my red envelope we advocate WeChat group in the company for the new product video thumb up and a call for the new product, in the later found a red envelope brought out but thumb up for a little while, I use more strongly worded expressed to only get a red envelope phenomenon of avoid dissatisfaction.The incident happened during the second round of the epidemic, and the company’s product sales were severely hindered. However, the company needed to feed hundreds of employees, so I was in a hurry to promote the new product.However, as CEO of the company, I did have a problem with the way I handled this.Here, I sincerely apologize for my improper words two years ago and for the psychological harm suffered by my comrades!At the same time, THANK you for your tolerance to me.The media saying that my biggest rival is myself is a kind of scrutiny of me, which is the most alarming thing for me.Zhang also said that in the next three years, as long as the annual income reaches the company’s target, 50 percent of his salary will be given to employees in red envelopes.However, as of press time, Purdue Technology has not issued a response to the matter through official channels.The main body of Purdue Technology is Shenzhen Purdue Technology Co., LTD., headquartered in Shenzhen.According to Tianyechaapp, the company was founded in January 2016. Its legal representative and chairman is Zhang Tao, and its registered capital is about 2.19 million yuan. Its business scope includes the design, development and production of intelligent robots and related equipment.Purdue Technology, a “unicorn” company in the robotics industry, has received seven rounds of financing within five years of its establishment, including angel rounds from contract manufacturing giant Changying Precision. The latest round of financing was a C+ round of nearly 500 million yuan completed in September 2021.Details of its past financing process, Sequoia China, Tencent, Meituan, Shenzhen investment control and other well-known investment institutions, Internet giants, state-owned background institutions are in the column.Haidilao is a customer of Purdue Technologies, which makes service robots for commercial use, such as food delivery, delivery and cleaning, in hotels and restaurants.It’s worth noting that Purdue Tech’s layoffs were revealed just back in January.Some users reported that the company began large-scale layoffs at the end of 2021 due to a massive expansion.Citing purdue employees who left the company, Caijing reported that sales jobs in Chinese cities accounted for the largest share of layoffs, with about 30 cities remaining.The company of Yantai, Jinhua, Taizhou, Yancheng and other local cities have carried out “station removal” processing, north, Shanghai and Shenzhen and other key cities cut a small number of personnel.According to an interview posted on Purdue’s official wechat account on Jan. 26, CEO Zhang Tao said the company now has more than 2,000 employees and more than 12 subsidiaries in Beijing, Chengdu and other cities.(Source: Jiemian News)