Luxi County branch of Agricultural Development Bank launched “315” publicity activities

2022-05-27 0 By

Rednet moment Xiangxi March 16 news (correspondent Yang Fan) to promote public risk prevention awareness, eliminate the hidden dangers of infringing consumer rights and interests, build a harmonious financial ecological environment.According to the relevant requirements of regulatory authorities and superior banks, Luxi County Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China launched the “3.15” consumer rights protection education and publicity activity with the theme of “Jointly promoting consumption and fair sharing of digital finance” on March 15.The event strictly implemented the county epidemic prevention and control requirements, and practiced the concept of finance for the people.Branch employees set up propaganda service desks, hang propaganda banners, put up posters and distribute publicity materials to remind consumers to pay attention to the infringement of illegal financial activities such as illegal fund-raising, illegal lending and financial fraud.Especially to guide the elderly consumers to “not disorderly investment”, establish rational investment, value investment concept;Guide young consumers to “refrain from disorderly lending”, establish rational borrowing and consumption concepts, and stay away from the infringement of non-performing Internet loans.In the next step, Luxi County Branch of Agricultural Development Bank will continue to carry out the practical activities of “doing practical things for the masses”, build a harmonious financial ecological environment through the publicity of financial knowledge, support financial services with practical actions, and practice the original intention of benefiting enterprises and the people.