Jiangling Ford Linrui low price to enter the market, reduce dimension to hit the mainstream SUV?

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Chinatimes.net.cn reporter Yu Jianping reported in Beijing as a link between models in the SUV market, in recent years the performance of medium-sized SUV is very outstanding, the domestic SUV market segment is the field of competition for major car enterprises.Data show that in 2021, the cumulative sales volume of domestic intermediate SUV was 2,004,000 units, up 26.1% year on year.And in numerous layout of medium-sized SUV car enterprises, Jiangling Ford is one of them.On March 28th, JIANGling Ford Motor Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “JIANGling Ford Technology”) launched its wide-body high-energy pioneer SUV Jiangling Ford Collar, which launched four models of fine collar, platinum collar, honor collar and honor collar PLUS, priced at 139,800 yuan to 165,800 yuan.As the first new car after jiangling Ford’s transformation into JIANGling Ford Technology, Lingrun aims at mid-size SUV and sets the price range at around 150,000 yuan, hoping to win the market with a lower price.As a young model with the spirit of “challenger”, JMC Ford Lingrui has three core advantages: wide-body design, pioneering technology and high quality.Xiang Dongping, president of JMC Ford Motor Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD., said, “We challenge the integration of intelligent technology and human nature to make forward-looking and innovative digital mobile terminals within reach.With the most competitive and sincere products, we will create a new young Ford beloved by China’s new talent.”At present, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit have become an important coordinate to measure the “technology power” of a car.Jiangling Ford Linggrui adopts the Ford CO-Pilot360 ™ Intelligent driving assistance system with millimeter-wave radar + vision fusion scheme, which integrates LRAS tracking reversing, DCLC intelligent lane change assistance, APA 5.0 integrated vision automatic parking and other cutting-edge technologies to unlock new travel modes.Dual 12.3-inch floating integrated intelligent screen, implanted in Tencent TAI 4.0 intelligent vehicle system, AR real scene navigation, wechat car version and other functions, cured “mobile phone addiction”.In terms of power, JMC Ford Lingrun is equipped with Ford high-performance EcoBoost®170 engine and adopts Honeywell high-speed turbocharger with small inertia to effectively improve the intake efficiency. The maximum power is 125kW and the peak torque is 260N•m. It is combined with the third-generation Magna wet 7DCT dual clutch transmission with 97% transmission efficiency.Achieve a balance between strong performance and low fuel consumption;In terms of active and passive safety, the whole series of new cars are equipped with 1500MPa high strength hot-formed boron steel, reaching the strength level of aircraft landing gear.Six airbags provide all-round protection for drivers and passengers.In addition, Jiangling Ford technology industry first Family Space • Ford Experience store, through creating “home like comfortable and warm” immersive Space, redefine the passenger car consumption service scene.Up to now, there are more than 180 Family Spaces in more than 150 cities across China.Henry Bernardo of Ford Design team believes that the design of Lingrui perfectly integrates kinetic energy and power, fully interpreting the new generation of Ford China design concept “potential energy aesthetics;In the eyes of science and technology experts, Lingrui is a “smart” car that not only understands young people but also has a sense of responsibility. It can let people put down their mobile phones to enjoy driving without being separated from the world by the door.In the opinion of professional car critics, Lingri not only space leap-forward, accurate price strategy, product force can form a dimension reduction blow to the current mainstream SUV market.JMC ford said that as a joint venture brand well versed in Chinese users, JMC Ford Technology has continued to sharpen its product strength and created a highly personalized JMC Lingrui.After the listing of Jiangling Ford Lingrui, it will set off a wave of younger, more individual and more humane Ford Pioneer SUV.JMC will also take this opportunity to build its own unique product line-up with new joint venture and new technology thinking based on the needs of Chinese users and chase the passenger car market.At present, the pattern of popular SUV models in the mainstream joint venture is relatively stable, mainly including SAW-Volkswagen Tiguan, Dongfeng Honda CR-V, FAW-Toyota Rongfang, FAW-Volkswagen Tanyue and other German and Japanese models.The mid-size SUV market needs more dynamic, diversified and personalized models to enter the market, and JMC ford hopes that the entry of Lingrui will bring impact to the mid-size SUV market.Anning Chen, Group Vice President of Ford Motor Company, President and CEO of Ford China, said, “We are accelerating the transformation of our user-centered business, breaking through ourselves and moving forward boldly. While deepening our strategic vision, we are further fulfilling our commitment of ‘more Ford, more China’.”Chief Editor: Yu Jianping